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Open Letter from Krishnan Suthanthiran on a New Healthcare Delivery System for Canada

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Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder of TeamBest Global/Best Cure Foundation/Proud Canadian Party proposes new healthcare delivery system for Canada

Best Cure Foundation is launching Best Cure Global Healthcare Delivery System with a goal to reduce death/suffering from Cancer, Cardiac, Diabetes, Obesity, Infectious & other diseases by 50% or more.”
— Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder, Best Cure Foundation
OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 7, 2021 / -- The following is intended as an "Open Letter" to Canadians from Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder of TeamBest Global Companies, Best Cure Foundation, Kitsault Energy & Proud Canadian Party/Think Tank.

Proud Canadian (a Think Tank) is putting forward the following thoughts to revamp the Canadian Healthcare System: to focus on Best Cure Total Health System of Prevention, Early Detection and Effective Treatment for Total Cure; using Best Cure Proactive Healthcare System of Full Transparency on Clinical Outcome, Benefits and Cost. The goal is to reduce the death and suffering from Cancer, Cardiac, Diabetes, Obesity, Infectious and all other diseases by 50% or more.

The Five Canadian Political Parties — Conservatives, Green, Liberals, NDP and Party Québécois — all preach this, but none has a plan to accomplish this. Canadian Provinces and Territories are spending 60% or more of their Annual Budgets for Healthcare alone.

Having spent more than a half-century in Canada living, traveling and doing business, my companies spend a huge amount of money in premiums for my Canadian staff working in Canada, comparable to USA employees for insurance benefits.

As many know that all Canadians buy, either themselves or through their employer, Health, Dental, Life and Disability and other Insurances — all independent of each other. I have never understood why Dental is not part of the Health Insurance? Why everyone in Canada is begging to find a primary care doctor, specialist or to get appointments for specialists or major diagnostic tests.

Having lost my father to Cancer in 1968, I have dedicated my career to Cancer Research and Treatment. My global companies, including Canadian, namely Best Theratronics, Ltd. (413 March Road, Kanata/Ottawa, ON Canada) and TeamBest Global (TBG) manufactures the most products for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology of any company in the world, from simple, low, medium to high-tech solutions. On April 29th, 2015, I launched my "Global War on Cancer", in memory of my late father. In recognition of my efforts, Harvard Medical School organized an annual Global Health Cancer Catalyst Summit starting from April 29th, 2016, and I have been a keynote speaker at the summit during the intervening years.

My Non-Profit Foundation/Non-Governmental Organization, Best Cure Foundation is launching the Best Cure Global Healthcare Delivery System to reduce death and suffering from Cancer, Cardiac, Diabetes, Obesity, Infectious and all other diseases by 50% or more, by establishing a Proactive Healthcare System using the Best Cure Total Health Approach.

Canada’s Healthcare System is ranked 10th out of 11 OECD (Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development) Countries, with USA being in last (11th) place, comparing costs/clinical outcomes. Canada may be the only country to have healthcare delivery exclusively as a Provincial/Territorial responsibility, with a small handout from the Federal Government. Canadian Provinces/Territories are spending 60% or more of their annual budgets for Healthcare and operating with ever-increasing annual budget deficits.

At my company, Best Theratronics, Ltd., in Ottawa, I have lost a few employees to Cancer, as often it is detected too late. When I started my career nearly 50 years ago in Oncology, patients who came early with localized Cancers were most often treated and cured completely. However, most of those who came with advanced diseases did not survive for long. Now, a half-century later, we are still only treating and curing localized early detected Cancers, but most of those with advanced disease do not survive for long, even now.

When I recruited an employee a few months ago, I learned that both his parents had died of Cancer. The family did not even know where the Cancers started, as they were detected after it had metastasized most of the body, and they did not live long after the Cancer diagnoses.

One of my bright, highly capable Engineers with a PhD, died of Cancer just a year after he was diagnosed, as it was also detected late. I happened to have a conversation with his sister and planned to meet her in Vancouver, BC where she was living with her husband and kids. When I called her to inform her about my impending trip to Vancouver, she began to cry uncontrollably; she happened to hear just before I called that her husband was diagnosed with advanced Stomach Cancer and would not survive long. What a tragedy! After losing her young bright brother, at the peak of his professional Engineering career, now she was about to lose her husband to Cancer again.

Health is wealth. A healthy person has many wishes, however a sick person has only one — to be healthy. The health of every individual, family, citizens of communities, villages, towns, cities, states, provinces/territories and countries, has a direct impact on the economy/prosperity of every country, and the entire world. While the Canadian Prime Minister Honourable Justin Trudeau may rack up to 1 trillion CAD in Federal Budget Deficit, before it begins to decline later this decade, without any allocation of funding for an improved Healthcare Delivery System.

During the last 20 months of the Global Pandemic, the wealth of 500 ultra-rich Global Citizens increased by more than 10 trillion USD, while billions of global citizens became poorer, hundreds of millions lost jobs, members of their family, lost their homes, incomes and some became disabled possibly for life.

The Global Healthcare Delivery System, including that of the advanced economies of Canada, Europe, USA, etc., have fared miserably along with other less developed or developing Nations, with more than 4.2 million deaths, 220 plus million infections, after 20 months of COVID-19 and its mutated variants. We are still in the middle of this Pandemic with no clear end in sight, while the Canadian PM called for another election, only two years after the last one, with the possibility of no better results than the last Federal Elections in 2019 for his Liberal Party.

In one of my next press releases, I will lay out my Proud Canadian Party/Think Tank's "Vision for Canada" Healthcare Delivery System in detail. Thanks for reading — please share this information with others! Best wishes, be safe and healthy. Health is wealth!

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