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Krishnan Suthanthiran of TeamBest Global/Best Cure Foundation Announces New Canadian Political Party/Think Tank

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Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder of TeamBest Global Companies/Best Cure Foundation announces new Canadian Political Party/Think Tank — "Proud Canadian"

The New Political Party/Think Tank is called 'Proud Canadian'. I will lay out a 'Great Vision for Canada' — to benefit all Canadians now, and for the future generations of Canadians and immigrants.”
— Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder, Best Cure Foundation
OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 1, 2021 / -- In early September 1969, Krishnan Suthanthiran arrived in Ottawa from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India as a graduate student, armed with 400 Canadian Dollars and his broken English, to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University — that was 52 years ago.

He became a Permanent Resident in Canada in 1970 and graduated in the spring of 1971. Unable to find a job in Canada, he contemplated pursuing Medical School or a PhD at University of Waterloo. Having lost his father in 1968 to Cancer, his adult career goal has been to pursue in Cancer Research/Treatment.

While traveling in the Summer of 1972 as a Landed Immigrant in USA, Mr. Suthanthiran secured a job as an Engineer at then Freedmen’s Hospital (now Howard University Hospital) in Washington, DC, to work with a world renowned Oncologist, Dr. Ulrich K . Henschke, making his dream to work in Oncology a reality.

In the Summer of 1976, Mr. Suthanthiran traveled to Ottawa with his mother to attend the International Congress on Medical Physics. He then visited Theratronics, a Crown Corporation of Atomic Energy Canada Ltd., for a tour of their manufacturing of the Cancer Therapy workhorses, Theratrons. Theratronics, a Division of AECL (Atomic Energy Canada, Ltd.), located at 413 March Road in Kanata/Ottawa, Ontario.

Little did he know then, that one day he would purchase the AECL/Theratronics operation to establish thousands of Cancer Centers worldwide (currently used by 2000 plus Cancer Centers globally, but none in Canada) and naming it Best Theratronics Ltd. (BTL) with more than 150 High Tech Employees on May 1, 2008; later establishing a world renowned Cyclotron design, research and test facility, Best Cyclotron Systems (BCS) in Vancouver, BC, to supplement the expansion of manufacturing in Ottawa. Mr. Suthanthiran named all of his companies "Best", since he wanted to be the best in his field globally, and now serving through many decades as the best and the most capable medical company for high-tech Cancer/Cardiac Radiation Therapy in the world. Now his collection of medical companies are known as TeamBest Global (TBG).

Last year in 2020, BTL added 30 new employees for second-shift in Manufacturing at its Ottawa facility, to increase production capacity in spite of COVID-19 challenges of nearly 50% reduction in income. The Theratron was invented by AECL/Canadian Scientists and manufactured for nearly 65 years in Ottawa, treating and curing millions of Cancer patients annually, globally. This technology and most of the BTL products are not used in Canadian hospitals. London Cancer Center in London, Ontario, Canada which was the first Cancer Center to use this technology to treat Cancer patients in the 1950s, and Canada Post issued a Commemorative Postage Stamp in 1951, honoring the invention of this technology by AECL in 1951.

BTL Teletherapy Technologies can be used for the treatment of COVID-19 and all its mutations/variants, as well as other inflammatory lung/immunological diseases.

Mr. Suthanthiran has invested more than 100 Million CAD in Canada, in Medical and Green Energy projects, by establishing and supporting Best Cure Foundation (a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization) to promote making quality Education and Healthcare affordable and accessible. He believes that "Education is the most effective way to eliminate poverty and to promote peace and prosperity. Health is wealth — a healthy person has many wishes, but a sick person has only one — to be healthy." He has contributed more than 100,000 CAD to Carleton University to establish Endowments for Scholarships, purchasing needed lab equipment to the CU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department.

Several years ago, when one of the Medical Physicists from London Cancer Center in London, Ontario went to give a presentation at a Cancer Congress in Vietnam, he mentioned the BTL Theratron as the "Best Cancer Treatment Technology" and that they should use it in their country. One of the Vietnamese physicists stood up and asked the Canadian physicist whether his hospital in London, Ontario, Canada uses this technology? And when he replied that they do not, the Vietnamese physicist challenged him that if they are not using in their Canadian hospital, why is he recommending it to the Cancer hospitals in Vietnam?

Canadian hospitals are funded by Canadian tax payers twice — once through their taxes, and again to these hospital foundations as a donation. Yet nearly 100,000 patients get infections annually in Canadian hospitals; 26,000 of them die every year, with the rest of the 74,000 living with some level of after-effect complications from the infections. Also, many tens of thousands of patients admitted to Canadian hospitals die of misadministration annually. Less than 5% of medical products manufactured in Canada are purchased by Canadian hospitals, in spite of the fact they are taking money from Canadians twice, as taxes and donations.

Canada’s Healthcare Delivery is ranked 10th among 11 OECD (Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development) Countries, only the USA ranks last in the 11th place, after Canada, based on clinical outcome/cost.

Canada is politically divided by 5 or more parties, with the Conservatives and Liberals at low 30% each, NDP about 20%, Party Quebecois at 7% and the Greens around 3%, of the popular support. So, it is really a dictatorship under the name of Democracy, as the Federal Government is in reality the Government of Quebec, not of Canada, governed by the leader of a Minority Party, like the last two years. Every Prime Minister over the last 5 plus decades has been from Quebec, except PM Stephen Harper, Joe Clark and others for very brief periods as PM.

Canada does not have proportional voting — whoever wins Quebec (generally a native of Quebec) in the Federal Elections, automatically will have the largest single block of Parliamentary seats. Therefore, they will partner with another Minority Party (two Minority Parties) forming the Federal Government of Quebec!

Canadian Prime Ministers had and continue to provide many more billions of dollars of funding to Canadian French-speaking Provinces and companies, compared to others , as evidenced by the benefits received by the French-speaking Provinces of Quebec/New Brunswick and their businesses like Bombardier, SNC Lavalin and other enterprises.

When Prime Minister Trudeau became the Liberal Party Leader competing in the 2015 Federal Elections, I sent him and his team a series of emails with suggestions for winning strategies in the 2015 October Federal Elections, from late August to mid-October 2015. Upon winning the Majority in the 2015 Federal Elections, I watched his inauguration and sent him an open letter, congratulating and hoping/wishing that he will be a "Transformational Leader". While he had some Progressive policies, many Canadians who voted for him in 2015 were disappointed with his leadership. In the 2019 Federal Elections, some who voted for him previously in the 2015 Elections did not vote for him again. In addition, the Ontario Provincial Liberal Party was wiped out from Majority/Governing to nothing more than winning a few Provincial Liberal MPs in the last Provincial election. (Please clink the link for more information

Now, only two years after winning (a minority and governing Canada, since the last election in 2019), PM Justin Trudeau has called for another election in the middle of a major global COVID-19 Pandemic. He will probably rack up nearly 1 trillion CAD Federal Budget Deficit over the next several years in this decade, and has bungled the COVID-19 Vaccine purchases, with wide availability, pushed back to June of this year, while the USA has been vaccinating millions of Americans daily from late January, with no vaccine manufacturing available from Canada.

PM Trudeau is not a Prime Minister of Canada — as in reality, he functions as the PM of Quebec. The vast Majority of Canadians, nearly 75%, are Center Left on Domestic/International Policies. While NDP leader Jagmeet Singh receives the highest approvals personally from Canadians among the 5 Political Leaders, Conservatives and Liberals have governed Canada over the last 5 plus decades, as mostly Government of Quebec/New Brunswick for the benefit of French-Canadians, with NDP as the third party always being a Minority Party federally!

None of the leaders have shown a daring/bright/grand vision for Canada, with nearly 40% of Canada’s Economy being managed by Asian Canadians, and a few hundred thousand immigrants arriving now annually in Canada (many of them becoming Permanent Residents/Citizens), it is time for Canada to have a Political Party (starting as a Think Tank) to earn the trust and support of majority of Canadians to Govern Canada for all Canadians with Proportional Voting.

The New Political Party/Think Tank is called "Proud Canadian". In subsequent press releases, I will lay out a "Great Vision for Canada" — to benefit all Canadians now, and for the future generations of Canadians and immigrants. My fellow Canadians, please join me in engaging and discussing ideas for making Canada a great nation for all Canadians. Best wishes — be safe and healthy! Health is Wealth!

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