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There were 844 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 466,501 in the last 365 days.


1. About us

EIN Presswire is a market disruptor changing the way you think about press release distribution.

Unlike our competitors, EIN Presswire is a world-leading newswire service and media directory publisher. Covering every major region in the world, EIN Presswire feeds news to millions of people. This means greater effectiveness for those who have news to share. Just like you. And, we’re taking market share from our competitors, so we keep our pricing lower.

Our mission is yours: REACH. We have millions of users. Why not start reaching them?

No. We are similar to Cision and PR Newswire in that we publish and distribute press releases, but we have our own proprietary and unique distribution platform and we focus on distribution for small and mid-sized companies.

EIN Presswire services are operated by Newsmatics Inc., an independent privately-held company in the state of Delaware with offices in Washington, DC, and Prague. We were founded in 1995.

2. Distribution

With EIN Presswire you can reach millions of people in minutes.

Unlike our competitors, EIN Presswire has a unique proprietary distribution footprint that reaches journalists, businesses, and industry professionals that you can’t access with our competition.

You will get access to our own world-leading EIN NewsWires and EIN MicroWires with which we enjoy exclusive distribution. We own and manage the #1 online EIN World Media Directory through which you can reach journalists around the globe.

Our trifecta of media distribution, newswire placement, and targeted opt-in email coverage is unique in our industry. We provide you with a highly effective service and exceptional reach at just about the lowest pricing you’ll find on the internet.

We have millions of users. Why not start reaching them?

EIN Presswire provides you with a world-leading press release distribution platform and proprietary newswire service used by leading journalists and professionals throughout the world. You can reach millions of people.

We distribute through TV and radio stations throughout the United States such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News.

We are a Google News publisher and this means your releases will be distributed via the Google News Alert service.

Our World Media Directory provides you with worldwide reach. It’s the #1 online media directory in the world.

You can reach bloggers and WordPress publishers through our NewsPlugin.

We feed releases into Facebook and Twitter.

Simply put, you have access to distribution points that our competitors can’t reach.

Distribution includes:

  • EIN NewsWires
  • EIN MicroWires
  • EIN World Media Directory (#1 in the world)
  • Google News + Google News Alerts
  • Search engines
  • RSS feeds
  • Acquire Media
  • ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News
  • U.S. TV and radio stations
  • Social media
  • NewsPlugin for WordPress

EIN Presswire distributes releases worldwide using our World Media Directory, which includes TV and radio stations, Facebook and Twitter, newspapers, and blogs. Your release is distributed to the countries and industries you select when creating your press release. We are also a Google News source, which is a worldwide platform.

EIN Presswire targets your press releases to specific states in the U.S. using the location you specify when creating a press release. We have lists of local media based on each state. We also operate NewsWires for every U.S. state to help deepen your reach in the market.

Yes, EIN Presswire distributes worldwide. Our UK media distribution list is here. We also operate a UK NewsWire. To see other countries we distribute to, visit our world media directory and our world news wires.

We do feed into Bloomberg terminals but this will not be enough to meet SEC publicly traded company disclosure requirements. To get your news into Yahoo Finance you need to use PR Newswire, GlobeNewswire, or Businesswire.

We guarantee that your releases will be published on the distribution network that we control. These include our Presswires, Newswires, Microwires, NewsPlugin and TV and radio stations in the United States.

Through our world media directory, we reach journalists and editorial desks throughout the world but it’s up to individual journalists to decide to publish some part or all of any release.

And while there are no guarantees an individual outlet or journalist will pick up your story, it’s important to realize that you are infusing your brand and campaign with additional benefits simply by using a press release issued through EIN Presswire. You can increase your:

  • Search engine rank
  • Brand visibility
  • Online presence
  • Business’s positive image in the market
  • Positioning as an expert in your industry niche

EIN Presswire distributes press releases in all languages. Simply target your desired audience when you create your press release.

The section on acceptable content is located here.

Sorry, we don’t, but we have thousands of good examples from our clients on our website.  If you’d like help from a public relations professional with your press release, try Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr.

Our strength and our purpose are to give you autonomy and editorial power to reach millions at an affordable cost.

EIN Presswire is a great source of quality backlinks and SEO rank improvement. We are a Google News source, and we feed your releases into Facebook and Twitter. You’ll have permanent placement on EIN NewsWires and EIN publications, as well as publication on down-channel web sites.

You’ll gain additional benefits just by issuing a release through EIN Presswire. You can increase your:

  • Search engine rank
  • Brand visibility
  • Online presence
  • Business’s positive image in the market
  • Positioning as an expert in your industry niche

They love our service! We’re simple and easy to use and offer great value at affordable pricing. See some of our client testimonials here.

To optimize your online presence, you should participate in more news cycles. Many of our clients issue a release once a month. This offers them an opportunity to communicate more often with the world and to build high-quality backlinks to their web sites. Our Pro+ Bundle provides you with 10 press release distribution credits for one low price.

Yes, it’s available on your dashboard. Go to the My Press Releases tab and look for the RSS icon.

We have provided you with links to share. You can find them on your dashboard. Go to the My Press Releases tab. Next to each release, you will find social media links.

3. Pricing

Please visit our Pricing and Comparison page. Pricing ranges from $20 - $50 per release.

You’ll need to set up an account, which is free and only takes about 90 seconds. You can then pay by credit card or PayPal and the press release distribution credits are immediately applied to your account and you can start issuing releases. For payments by wire transfer, we’ll wait for the funds to clear and then add the credits to your account.

If you already have an account and are logged in, please go to your Dashboard and click on the link buy press releases.

If you don’t have an account, please visit our Pricing and Comparison page and click on the Get Started button.

No, EIN Presswire is a pay-as-you-go service and we don’t require you to sign an annual contract. Use any press release credits within 12 months of the date of purchase. You can use them all immediately if you wish or over time. Simply buy more credits when you’re ready.

We’re taking market share from our competitors, so we keep our pricing lower.

We’re similar to Cision and PR Newswire in that we publish and distribute press releases, but we have our own proprietary distribution platform and we focus entirely on release distribution for small and mid-sized companies. This keeps our costs lower and more affordable for you. PR Newswire is part of Cision and they work with publicly traded companies that need their press releases to show up on stock-trading terminals and other services such as Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg. These fees are very expensive.

For companies not publicly traded on an exchange, we are the new “go-to” platform.

Please visit our Pricing and Comparison page. 

We offer simple, transparent pricing options with no surprises. Images are included with the Pro, Pro+, and Corporate releases. Please see our Pricing and Comparison page.

Invoices for your orders are always available from your Dashboard and can be found on the My Invoices tab.

4. Account

Please visit our Pricing and Comparison page and select the option that’s best for you. It only takes about 90 seconds to set up an account. And, it’s free. You can check out our useful tutorial videos which walk you through the process.

Not a problem. Please go to the Request New Password page and follow the instructions to create a new one.

Okay, we are here to help. Please first try to find an email we sent you. If you do not have one, please email us through our Contact Form and provide any information that will help us identify your account such a title of a press release you have previously issued through us.

Yes, they can, but only one email address can be associated with an account. You need to share.

Press release credits are valid for 365 days from your last purchase. You can check the time remaining for your credits on your Dashboard.

EIN Presswire provides our PRO+ and Corporate clients a Newsroom feature. This is a dedicated page on EIN Presswire where all your press releases will be displayed along with other information about your company or organization. It’s a dedicated space branded with your logo that you can refer people to from your marketing materials. It’s also great for your SEO.

You can activate your Newsroom from your Dashboard. Click on the My Newsroom tab and follow the instructions. Look for the “activate” link.

No, Newsrooms are only available with our Pro+ and Corporate bundles. The Pro+ bundles our most popular option for small and mid-size businesses for many reasons. Please visit our pricing and comparison page to learn more.

5. The submission process. How it works.

It takes just 3 simple steps to prepare your release: create, preview, and choose a distribution. Click on the link “Submit New Release” and then follow the instructions. A form will guide you through the process. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. You can always prepare a draft and save it to work on later or share with it colleagues before submitting it to our editorial staff for review and distribution. Please watch our short tutorial video.

You may save a press release as a draft and return to it at any time to edit it. If you've already submitted it for editorial approval but it has not yet been approved or distributed (this applies to scheduled press releases), you can revert it back to a draft. You'll find a "Revert to Draft" link next to it on the Dashboard. If you find an error and need an edit after it’s been published and distributed we are always happy to make them. Please contact us.

Yes, we can help you. If the release has already been distributed, we can edit it and the edits will appear on all the versions we control through our network and distribution partners. Just send us an email through the contact form indicating the release and the changes needed. We are happy to help you.

If the release has not yet been distributed and is pending approval or scheduled, all you need to do is go to your Dashboard and revert it to a draft. You may then make your edits and resubmit the release for editorial approval.

Yes. Each press release must be approved by our editors prior to distribution. The common reasons for disapproval are cases where the text does not conform to our press release policy, it contains inappropriate language or subject matter, or there is incomplete account information. We do not copy edit your release but we are always happy to make edits for you if something is found later.

If you’ve purchased a Basic or Pro level release and want to upgrade the benefits to use images, video, and scheduling, please call us and we can get you upgraded.

6. PR formatting

You may use 700 words with a Basic release, 1,000 words with a Pro and a Pro+ release and 2,500 with a Corporate release.

No. You must add text and images directly into the form provided in our editorial system. Though we do make this very easy for you.

You can use any location. We recommend choosing the one that best matches the content of your press release or the desired audience.

There are three areas where you can update contact information. One is associated with your account, one is associated with your newsroom, and each press release can have unique individual contacts. This means you can keep a library of contacts for your releases. Edit your account information here. Edit your newsroom account information here. And please click here to visit your press release contact library.

Yes, you can use multiple contacts, although the form currently allows you to enter only one. The solution is to add the contacts directly to the body of the press release.

Yes, we provide you with 3 easy-to-use anchor text link fields. Please make sure the text you use in the anchor text fields EXACTLY matches the text within the body of your release. You may also add additional links directly within the body of your release. However, we suggest you use only 3 links for the best SEO.

You can use a maximum of 3 anchor text links in your press release. It’s based on the best practices we follow for search engine optimization. However, you can add more URLs directly in the body of your press release. It’s up to you.

Based on Google’s guidelines, EIN Presswire only allows for no-follow links in press releases but you’ll show up almost immediately in Google Search and Google News and thus the backlinks do have a lot of value. Our clients are very satisfied with our SEO benefits.

If the text is not exact, it won't work. Please make sure you copy text directly from the body of your release. Follow the instructions provided on the form.

Unfortunately not. EIN Presswire keeps formatting options to a minimum to ensure smooth distribution to our partners who may re-publish your press releases. Keeping it simple reduces the chance that your releases will be poorly formatted on 3rd party sites.

You can add images to your press release by choosing an image from your image library. They are easy to upload. Images are available in the Pro, Pro+ and Corporate bundles.

Supported file types:                JPG, PNG or GIF.

Recommended image size:        1200×628 px.

Maximum image size:                4096×4096 px.

Maximum image file size:        5 MB.

Yes, please contact us through the Contact Form and indicate the release title, name of the image that needs to be changed/deleted and the name of the new image if needed for replacement. Please make sure the new image is in your image library.

Yes, you can. If you have a Pro+ or Corporate level releases, you can embed a YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Kickstarter video to your press release. Otherwise, you must upgrade.

Yes. This feature is available at our Pro+ and Corporate level. Please make sure that you are only using links to websites that have a security certificate. They must be HTTPS. Furthermore, some sites contain “do-not-frame” (X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN) instructions in the coding. At the time you set up a release you will find a quick test and further instructions at the section provided. If you continue to have difficulties please check with your webmaster or contact us.

Yes, you can. This feature is available for all credit plans.

The exclamation marks should be used sparingly in headlines. They should be used only when there is strong irony in a story or an unexpected twist. For these reasons, our editorial staff may remove them from press releases before they are distributed.

7. PR timing/scheduling

After we’ve reviewed and approved your release, it will go out when you’ve scheduled it, or immediately if you haven’t scheduled a specific time.

Estimated Release Processing Times

  • 1 hour on Monday through Friday between 7 AM GMT (2 AM EST) and 1 AM GMT (8 PM EST)
  • 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday between 9 AM GMT (4 AM EST) and 1 AM GMT (8 PM EST)

Yes, if you purchase the PRO+ or Corporate releases. Basic and PRO releases are designed for immediate release.

EIN Presswire’s current policy is to keep press releases hosted indefinitely on the publishing platforms we control.

Yes, you may use the same release. However, we suggest you adjust the headline and the first paragraph a bit so that it doesn't look like duplicity to search engines.

8. Reporting

You will receive notifications throughout the submission and approval process. Your Dashboard will also show you the status of all your releases. It’s also where you will find your distribution reports.

Yes, they’re available on your Dashboard and we email them to you. These are ready about 2 hours after the release is distributed.

Distribution reports are available within 2 hours after publishing/distribution. They can be found on your dashboard.

Yes, please click here.

Social media links are available only after your press release has been distributed. They will be available on your Dashboard. To find them, please click on the My Releases tab.

Please go to My Press Releases on your Dashboard. There is a permalink for each of your distributed press releases.

9. Deleting press releases

Yes, but the process depends on the status of the press release.                                                                                  

Deleting a release that is Pending or Scheduled: You may simply click the delete link associated with your draft. It’s removed and no credit is used.

Deleting a release that has been distributed: You may simply click the delete link associated with your release. This will remove the release form EIN Presswire and our EIN NewsWires. You should then use our Contact Page to send an email to our Editorial Department requesting the release be RETRACTED. We will then reach out to own downstream partners and do our best to have them take the release down as well.

10. EIN NewsWires

Similar to Google News, but with our own proprietary targets, we aggregate news headlines from thousands of news sites creating one of the world leading news indexes.  We then organize the news by Country, US State, and Industry to make monitoring easy. And it’s free. Millions of people,  including journalists, professionals, and individuals throughout the world use EIN Newswires to track news that matches their topical interests.

It’s free. You may subscribe to daily newsletters and use the service at no charge. We consider our EIN Newswire part of our EIN Presswire distribution network. So the more people using our NewsWires equates to more distribution for our paying press release clients. To learn more about our EIN Presswire, click here.

Unsubscribe links are available at the bottom of every email. Just click the link and follow the instructions.

We can add sources. We’d be happy to hear from you. Please send your suggestions through our Contact Form.

Your feedback is very important to us. Please send us an email through our Contact page.

You can upload press releases which will appear on our EIN NewsWires through our EIN Presswire. Please click here for more information.

It’s updated constantly.

Nope, sorry. We do not share the entire list.

Our archives go back to 2010 and contain 486,401,885 article summaries. If you have specific needs, we are happy to speak with you. Please contact us.

We have millions of users from throughout the world. Many of our NewsWires are considered the #1 news source for their topics.

11. EIN Microwires

EIN Microwires are topically focused press release feeds used by industry professionals monitoring specific topics. They can be found here at

12. EIN World Media Directory

EIN’s world media directory is one of the world’s leading actively updated listings of media throughout the world categorized by Country and US State.

Yes. You may submit a media source for consideration by clicking on the Add Media button from any media listing page.

If you see some information that is outdated or inaccurate, please email us at

Issuing press releases that that target our EIN World Media Directory target lists is easy. All you need to do is set up a free EIN Presswire account and then purchase press release distribution credits. You may select geographic distribution which targets our world media directory lists.

We deliver press releases to editorial desks throughout the world through our EIN World Media Directory. Furthermore, many journalists and millions of other use our EIN Newswires to monitor news.

We do not allow for exporting our EIN World Media Directory lists.

We do not sell a print version of the EIN World Media Directory… yet.

We do not rent or sell our lists.

Constantly. We receive feedback from our users, directly from media, and we have researchers who keep our lists as up to date as we can.


The NewsPlugin is a simple and easy news plugin for WordPress users. It will allow you to add news from a variety of sources to your website, blog or intranet.

Yes, at this time you need a WordPress website. If you’d like to use the NewsPlugin but are using a platform other than WordPress just email us. We’ll work something out for you.

Basically, you just need to be logged into your WordPress website, install and activate the NewsPlugin. The NewsPlugin comes with simple instructions to guide you.

To edit your newsfeed make sure you are logged into your WordPress website. Click on “Appearance” on the left navigation and then click on “Widgets”. Once on the Widget page, you will see the NewsPlugin and you can start editing from there.

When you are in the newsfeed edit mode you can use the star function to move a headline to the top of the list of headlines. The star is for editing purposes only and will not appear on your website and will not be seen by the general public.

When you are in the newsfeed edit mode, you can star an article to move it to the top of the feed.

You’ll need to take a look at the settings or keywords (located in appearance>widgets) and adjust them:

Search Mode – You can choose to show news that has your keywords in a headline or anywhere in an article. You’ll get more articles if you choose “Headlines & Full Text” in this mode. Alternatively, if you want fewer articles choose “Headlines Only”. This is the default mode.

News Age Limit (in hours) – This allows you to set the age of the articles. For example, if you want to exclude articles older than two days then you would set this limit to 48, for 3 days it would be 72 and so on. If you are not getting enough articles you may want to set this limit to 0 which is the default.

Searching is case insensitive. Words music and mUSIC return the same results. Some of the common words like the, is, etc. are not included in your search. You can learn more about using keywords here.

No. If your feed is set to automatic then new articles will flow onto your website. If you have set “feed publishing” to “manual” then you will have to choose new articles each day. If you don’t choose new articles then the articles that you last posted will remain online until you change them. If you don’t want to update your articles each day then set “Feed publishing” to “automatic” which is the default.

You can temporarily change your “manual” feed publishing to “automatic”. This means articles will flow onto your webpage automatically.

“A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut.” (source)

The difference between the “NewsPlugin” and an “RSS” feed is the range and control of news sources. RSS is a stream of news that someone else has created and it generally contains articles from one source. With the NewsPlugin the feed you create is totally customizable, with your own keywords and the news coming from over 5,000 sources.

By installing the NewsPlugin, you can use our NewsPlugin widget to create and customize the news feeds.

“In short, with the widget vs. plugin debate, a widget is essentially a plugin that you can drag and drop around your WordPress blog or website. The plugin is a script that is downloaded that improves the functionality of your blog in both the front end for the user and the back end for you as the website admin. Use this to help you remember the difference between plugins and widgets: WordPress widgets are always plugins, but plugins are not always widgets.” (source)

We’ve been scanning news sources across the internet since 1995. As of today, we’re scanning about 5,000 news websites. Our database of articles contains over 400 million articles and is growing by 75,000+ new articles each day.

We understand that good article sources are very important. Our editors have reviewed and chosen only the most reputable sources. You can get a sense for the sources and the type of articles you can expect by taking a look at this page. Here you will see a live feed of all the headlines and sources.

Yes, you can send us an email with any news website you would like us to add and we’ll start scanning it. Please be sure to include the URL of the site so we know where to look.

14. Reseller Opportunities

We do. To learn more please click here.

15. Miscellaneous