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An Open Letter to the Presidents of Ukraine, Russia and USA from Krishnan Suthanthiran of TeamBest Global Companies

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Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder of TeamBest Global Companies, Best Cure Foundation & Kitsault Energy

Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder of TeamBest Global Companies, Best Cure Foundation & Kitsault Energy

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, August 31, 2021 / -- It is expected that the Honorable President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy will be meeting with President Joseph Biden of USA today. In view of this, I am writing an 'Open Letter' with a humble request.

I have been to Russia many times up until 2018, as Russian Cancer Centers are using TeamBest Global Companies' Technologies for Cancer Treatment, as are the Cancer Centers in Ukraine and USA. In fact, every Cancer Center needs our technologies, as we manufacture and sell globally the low, medium, high and the highest of high-tech products for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment.

COVID-19 and its mutations/variants have shown the glaring weaknesses in the Global Healthcare Delivery System. At the current rate, Russia may lose as many as 500,000 citizens; in the USA more than 700,000 citizens from COVID-19 and its variants by the end of this year. Globally, the death toll may be more than 5 million by the end of this year.

Over an 18-month period during this COVID-19 Pandemic, the 500 "ultra rich" have increased their wealth by more than 10 trillion USD, while billions of global citizens became poorer, with hundreds of millions losing their jobs, family members/friends/relatives, some becoming disabled, losing homes, dying of starvation/malnutrition, etc., in addition to the many millions of deaths from COVID-19 itself.

USA and Russia are two great world powers, and their full scientific, technological, financial and diplomatic efforts are needed to resolve many global conflicts. It will be the best of all outcomes to work together to solve and avoid many of the ongoing human tragedies of conflicts (military or otherwise), never-ending bloodshed, and in many ways, wasting our limited valuable resources.

I truly believe that the citizens of all nations would prefer peace, stability and progress towards prosperity — not only in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

I sincerely hope that the meeting between the Presidents of Ukraine and USA this week will pave a pathway for peace and prosperity, not only in all of Ukraine, but Belarus and other neighboring countries.

The world has witnessed the devastations of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, along with many other natural and man-made disasters. I am hoping and praying that the great powers of Russia and USA will make efforts to pave the way for global peace, prosperity and de-escalation of conflicts.

Honorable President Zelenskiy of Ukraine, we are wishing you a warm welcome to USA! I do hope that I will have an opportunity in the future to work with your government, as well as those of Russia and USA to establish the Best Cure Global Healthcare Delivery System, focusing on the Best Cure Total Health Approach of Prevention, Early Detection and Effective Treatment for Total Cure. The System utilizes a network of Hub-and-Spoke Model Healthcare Delivery Systems, with Express and Mobile Clinics linked to General and Multi-Specialty Medical Centers, connected to 3-6 Star Apartment Hotels.

The focus of this is to reduce death and suffering from Cancer, Cardiac, Diabetes, Obesity, Infectious and all other diseases by 50% or more.

I am look forward to visiting Ukraine and Russia in the near future! Best wishes for a long healthy life to you and your people. Health is wealth!

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