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There were 110 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 423,666 in the last 365 days.

About EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire - Everyone's Internet News Presswire™ - has quickly become a relied upon service for professional communicators and when organizations need to get their news in front of the media, stakeholders, and the public that goes online looking for news. And EIN Presswire's pricing is incredibly affordable - hundreds, if not thousands of dollars less than other services, and there are many reasons for that - first and foremost, because EIN Presswire owns and maintains its own proprietary distribution technologies.

EIN Presswire is a market disruptor.

The electronic press release distribution industry is decades old. Many of the original brands still use antiquated technologies and distribution methods that no longer work effectively in reaching an organization's key targets. Despite that, their distribution fees are prohibitively expensive, forcing clients to question the value these services provide. We are becoming the new "normal" in news distribution.

Distributed on newswires, syndicated, delivered to newsrooms, to mobile devices, and great for SEO.

EIN Presswire was founded by seasoned industry professionals who had the vision that the future of news delivery is a centralized hub where news from thousands of sources can be filtered into U.S. State and Country Newswires. We consider EIN Presswire one of the most advanced central sources for communication professionals whose time is valuable. EIN Presswire is designed to assist those seeking breaking news and those who have breaking news to share. You can now upload your news directly into the stream of daily breaking news. EIN Presswire's clients are global and diverse, all sharing similar goals - efficiencies, productivity, effectiveness, and value.

Our proprietary distribution footprint reaches millions, and for a fraction of our competitors' cost, we can distribute your messaging. We develop and maintain proprietary distribution channels that reach the places where journalists, corporate decision-makers, state officials, and the public go for critically important news and information.

Press content delivery for the digital age. At EIN Presswire, our mission is really simple: We help the world communicate - we are Everyone's Internet News Presswire™.