Biden-Harris Administration Has the Opportunity to Fully Harness the Resources From the Domain of the Lord of Thin Air

Wisdom Education is Brain Health Education; Where Wisdom Land is a Start...

Our Education System Has Cutting Edge Mind Education While Brain Education Is Under the radar Screen.

Are you your pure self or your phony self-image?

Use your mind/'I' to heal your brain.

Brain Education Is At The Door. Please Embrace It.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

Our experts and leaders need to fully harness the domain of the Lord of thin air otherwise known as the cloud. We must work on the full mastery of thin air.

Mastering laws of Mother Nature will give full access to unlimited wealth, happiness, health, education, peace, social standards, and pure life. Emotional health is the key to mastering Mother Nature.”
— Sajid Khan
WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2021 / -- Today is a historic day for America and the world. It is a seminal breakthrough that is the first step to actualizing America's true spirit for the first time in history. To celebrate this auspicious event, my brother Raza Ali Khan has produced this video with my song on wisdom as the background.:

"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words remind us that darkness cannot drive out darkness and hate cannot drive out hate — only light and love can. As we seek to overcome this season of darkness in America, let us choose love and light and begin to heal — together. #MLKDay" - President Biden

Ignorance cannot drive out ignorance! Light and love are attributes of wisdom. Tring to create love is like trying to create smoke without lighting the fire. It is high time the Biden-Harris administration went full throttle for emotional health that generates wisdom.

One of the major problems I would like to point out is that when our national and state governments need to take action, they always overreact. Just imagine having 26.000 troops to defend the capital! Most state governments are running on deficits, and yet they all sent troops to Washington. They spent money that they do not have, and for what? For overreaction, that was not needed. Overreacting means overspending and adding to the deficit, and this leads to printing unsustainable dollars. It is essential to figure out the right amount of response without getting emotional. Our biggest drawback and our #1 problem is that we are an emotionally challenged country.

Inflation is slowly creeping in, and we are not too much concerned about the consequences. A double hammer of unaffordable debt and inflation will hit our economy and is around the corner.

We need to pay attention to two factors above all.

Overreaction and expanding unnecessary debt is emotionally challenged behavior. We need to focus on emotional health, for which currently we have no testing and no manual.

We have an alternate universe of thin air, otherwise known as the cloud. For most of history, we had no clue of this cloud. Now we are harnessing more and more resources from thin air. We need to understand the realm of the Lord of thin air fully. S/he is none other than Mother Nature. Mother Nature has her rules that we need to uncover, define, and harnesses.

Cryptocurrencies are one of Mother Nature's unlimited resources. We need to create a universal cryptocurrency owned by all nations, and every person has basic drawing rights.

Mother Nature's biggest resource is wisdom that, in scientific terms, is emotional health. Wisdom is waiting to be harnessed from thin air.

The Biden-Harris team needs to create a department of emotional health headed by a cabinet secretary with independent charge.

A truly revolutionary and disruptive out of the box act would be to create a fully staffed department of thin air headed by someone like John Kerry.

Biden-Harris's goal for creating justice, opportunity, power, equality, health, social standards, and education for all is clearly in the works with the appointment of a truly diverse cabinet. But without a full focus on emotional health, each one of the above will remain half-baked as emotional health is the foundation of all of the above goals. Mastering the Lord of thin air, that is, Mother Nature, will be an added unlimited bonus to our Biden-Harris administration's success.

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Video celebrating the Biden-Harris inauguration.