God Needs to be Obeyed as Well as His Word Understood and Implemented.

An image of the brain and mind observing each other. Showing how to measure wisdom by measuring the self-image level.

Showing 1) How to measure the four levels of wisdom. 2) How to use the brain and mind to improve each other. How the self-image determines wisdom.

Wisdom Education is Brain Health Education; Where Wisdom Land is a Start...

Our Education System Has Cutting Edge Mind Education While Brain Education Is Under the radar Screen.

Wisdom power is emotional health power.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

It is a shame we have misunderstood the clear message of God on wisdom. Look at the price we are paying.

God's word needs to be clearly understood and implemented.”
— Sajid Khan
WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- God, above all, is the ultimate guide to optimizing life. Sadly, our experts have still not understood the plain and straightforward path to wisdom. God is saying He is the word. He is not saying He knows the word. God says not to eat from the knowledge tree as we will only get confused. To this day, we are confused about God's word. God is saying He made man in His image. In other words, the mental structure of God and man is similar. It means man too has to become the word.

The bottom line word is wisdom. God is telling us to become wisdom. Instead, we have struggled forever to know wisdom. As we are still confused about wisdom, we have almost given up on wisdom. The solution is simple. We need to find the path to becoming wisdom.

There is an obvious clue to what wisdom is. Wisdom is the top quality of the best leadership. When the nation of Israel was being set up, God gave humility to 70 future leaders of Israel. To make the leaders wise, God made them humble. Thus wisdom needs to be defined as humility. To create wisdom, we need to bring up our children humble.

We already bring up our daughters humble, which means we bring them up wise. No wonder women live longer, commit far less crime, are responsible, peaceful, and healthier.

The best example is our Black community. Our Black daughters are raised humble and are thriving. Our sons are raised macho and are messed up as machoness is emotional sickness.

We need to focus on creating humility in our children. We need to create an upbringing/emotional-health/brain education industry. We need emotional health hospitals and departments.

It is a shame we have misunderstood the clear message of God on wisdom. Look at the price we are paying.

I have devised a scientific path to a wise life. Live life guided by numbers. I have divided the self (mind)/human behavior into four levels as follows:

1) Premature fetus level self/behavior quantified as -2. The person is an adult but is emotionally (wisely) a fetus. Totally self-centered.
2) Immature child level self quantified with the value of -1. The person is an opportunist and corrupt.
3) Adult level self quantified with a value of +1. The person is an egoist.
4) Master level self quantified with a value of +2. The person is humble and selfless.

Every child needs to be brought up to behave +2. Those below +2 wisdom/humility level must manage and control their behavior and avoid acting as anything but +2.

Living life by numbers has applications in every field, from relationships and upbringing to war and peace. Numbers can resolve all disputes between nations and blocks.

1) War is a fetus level -2 entity.
2) State of war is a child level -1 entity.
3) Truce is an adult-level +1 entity.
4) Peace is a wisdom/master level +2 entity.

Every country today is behaving as if war is around the corner. They are all on a state of war alert. Thus our leaders are at the child level -1. They are all trying for peace, but they must understand peace is wisdom/humility. Combatants must behave +2 with each other no matter how hard to achieve peace. After all, only +2 equals +2, and -2/-1 can never equal +2.

It has taken me 50+ years to understand God's word fully. When I first approached our US Government leaders in 1968, America was #4 behind in social standards. Today we are #28, and the pace of decline is accelerating.

Further, it is vital to understand that wisdom is the smoke, whereas emotional health is the fire. We have emotional intelligence departments. Emotional intelligence and wisdom are the same. So we try to research ways to understand and create smoke instead of finding a way to light the fire. Anyone who is not wise/humble is sick.

We need a whole new emotional health industry. We need emotional health hospitals and departments.

It is sad that our leaders and experts are ignoring and, even worse, unaware of the emotional health crisis in which the world is trapped. The most significant factor in this tragedy is our ignorance of the word of God.

How to Live Your Life Scientifically by Numbers.
Even the purest of the pure Jesus had to go through the learning process. It was only later that he became Christ. I am decoding Christ as the pure humanness in each one of us. The bottom line of power is Jesus's pure divine knowledge. This knowledge is all that counts! We become our full human potential if we know, understand, and actualize this knowledge.

This pure humanness, this Christ, is the real currency of life. An authentic life you can buy only with genuine currency! So if you want true happiness, the pure natural pleasures of life, you will have the currency to buy it. There are only two realities in this world – Heaven and hell. All other facts are a mixture of the two. And Christ (Pure knowledge himself) clearly said you could not buy heaven with the currency of hell. It's like trying to buy life in the US with a Zimbabwe currency. And this bottom-line currency is the real you. Your pure self is the unlimited bank account with which you can buy eternal time, eternal pleasure, and authentic life. Because when you try to buy happiness with a polluted you, then the pure bliss is polluted too, and you wonder why you cannot be satisfied despite all these accomplishments, wealth, and accumulated trophies. Because authentic life satisfaction cannot be bought with a partly fake you.

Both heaven and hell are right here on earth. It is like two different countries, two different markets. Whatever will be real for you depends on which currency you have with which to buy life. The process of the 'I' and the 'Me' in you is a creation, a projection of the brain. And the brain can be divided roughly into the following, which means the quality of your 'youness' is as follows:

1) Premature brain (-2). This level brain will project a -2 you. So the currency of life that you buy your life with will also be -2.
2) Immature brain (-1). This level brain will project a -1 you. So the currency of life that you buy your life with is also -1.
3) Mature brain (+1). This level brain will project a +1 you. So the currency of life that you buy your life with is also +1.
4) Super mature brain (+2). This level brain will project a +2 you. Thus the currency of life that you buy pure life with is +2.

Try to understand that all other things being equal is the same life marketplace for all. One comes to the market with a few and not real dollars and tries to buy authentic life. Another comes with a weak foreign currency, so again has little success buying real life. Still, another comes with a lower currency, so he has mixed results in life's marketplace. Then the ones who come with the pure currency get what they want, for their real currency of life is the pure you—the divine dollar of the heavenly marketplace of life.

Life has laws. She bends them for no one. So if you want to create and live your pure life, you will have to develop your brain power to the +2 super mature level.

So what is the secret of living an authentic life? Develop your humanness to its full potential. Become the real you by getting rid of the trophy 'I am the best' partly phony self-image. Have the unlimited currency of heaven and spend it to make your life heaven on earth.
Don't let your lower brain level self-image cloud your power, strength, source, force, etc., etc. …Get rid of it!!
Now your life is a masterpiece. Every life is a masterpiece. The question is, are you the top authority on your life?


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