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An Invitation to all the Activists of the World to Join me in Understanding Wisdom and Creating a Wise World

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

Use the Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Know the Level of Your brain You Are Living From.

Know and Harness the Difference Between Your Brain and Mind.

This is an invitation to governments, NGOs, and activists to let's pool our resources and go full throttle for wisdom, emotional health and brain education.

There is a very crystal clear & simple path to a wise world. Please listen to these songs and decide for yourself. If you agree with me then please join me in creating health, happiness, & prosperity.”
— Sajid Khan
RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 16, 2020 / -- There are tens of thousands of books on the big unanswered questions of philosophy. However we are no more closer to solving the quest for wisdom and its related topics. Given the fact that our attention span is now very short I have tried to answer these questions in about three minute songs. Please review these songs and get in touch with me if you agree with my answers and want to see the current world mess resolved and the world transformed into a thriving society.

Wisdom above all is pure love and just as love is an emotion so is wisdom. Wisdom like love springs from an emotionally healthy brain. Wisdom is the smoke where emotional health is the fire. Our experts struggle to create wisdom as it is like trying to create smoke instead of lighting the fire.

Wisdom education is upbringing education. Instead of creating pure selfless selves we create trophy self-images. The story of Adam and Eve is clearly showing us how we create ignorance instead of wisdom. Adam and Eve are living in the now with no attention on themselves. Enters Satan and shifts their focus on their own self-importance. From selfless they become selfish. Their world changes from heaven to hell.

We do the same with our children what Satan did to Adam and Eve. They are living in the now and we tell them they are the best. We turn them into trophy self-images. The perfect upbringing will be to create. 'I am who I am' self-image.

Shy Power
Shy people do not know that shyness is the health club of the mind/brain. Shy people's physical brain works on several topics at the same time making the brain exercise much more, creating a much more powerful brain. Shyness generates greatness. No wonder Gandhi, Einstein, Lincoln, FDR etc. were all shy. Also shyness is a habit that can be overcome.

Black Power
Black leaders are focused on getting equal handouts. Even if they fully succeed no government is going to give them much more than the bare minimum. Real dignity, power, justice, equality, respect comes from whole groups becoming filthy rich. Just imagine if Jews were focused on and only fought for handouts where they would be today? Black leaders must focus on getting Black community independently wealthy themselves with their own efforts.

Love is a 'game of life' changer.

Art of Living
Just as pure love cannot be explained in words life has to be lived in pure emotions. This song explains the art of living.

MeToo Powered Girl - 1
Sex addiction is a very serious problem. 12% of Americans are addicted and once one is trapped it is almost impossible to get free. Just take a good look at the faces of Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden. All their wealth and power cannot help them heal their sex addiction. I wrote two songs as odes to the bawdy leaders of the world. One for Trump and the other for Biden. If they play these songs at their rallies I will help them get rid of their addictions.

MeToo Powered Girl - 2

I would also like partners to create text books on wisdom, emotional health, upbringing, happiness, relationships, deep brain relaxation etc. If you are stuck and would like a world changing project then I can give you a world changing task to work on. Also if you want any project from the following:

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