An image of the brain and mind observing each other. Showing how to measure wisdom by measuring the self-image level.

Showing 1) How to measure the four levels of wisdom. 2) How to use the brain and mind to improve each other. How the self-image determines wisdom.

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

use the Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Actualize Your Wisdom Power.

You Can Become Wise Now.

Our experts have tried to fix the social ills by optimizing emotional intelligence. EI is the smoke where emotional health is the fire. We need to fix the fire.

WISE has the passion, power, dedication, wisdom, expertise, and means to create an emotionally healthy world. It will be our honor to hand over our emotional health innovations to the great Wise Team.”
— Sajid Khan
DOHA, AD-DAWHAH, QATAR, November 23, 2021 / -- We just visited, saw, and experienced the vast progress each country exhibiting its advances in science and technology has made. The Dubai Expo initiated a giant leap forward in improving life's luxuries and comforts, providing the means to a superior physical infrastructure for living. 

The question is will the WISE Summit do the same for advancing education?

It will depend on whether the world's #1 problem of the world being trapped in an emotional health mess is addressed and solutions provided. We are hoping the emotional health crises will not remain unaddressed at this WISE Summit. We would like to draw the kind attention of the WISE Team to go full throttle in tackling the emotional health mess. 

There will be cutting-edge expert world-changing innovators sharing their upgrades in the field of intelligence, emotional intelligence, social standards, relationships, mental health, wisdom, prosperity, health, happiness, education, relaxation, etc. Enabling the WISE Summit to vastly improve mind education that provides professional expertise that improves lives.

The foundation of all of the above sectors is emotional health. All the above fields are smoke where emotional health is the fire. So all improvements will provide new ways to improve smoke (mind), which will create progress in mind education but will leave the very nature of the fire (brain) as messed up as ever.

The WISE Summit will improve the software (mind) of life which is no small contribution. We would like to show how to improve the misunderstood, misdefined, and messed-up hardware (brain) of life. Excellent software will go far but still be handicapped by a primitive and messed up computer. The computer (brain) of life itself needs upgrading.

What if we show ways to improve the very mind itself which will lead to improvements in education? 

WISE and its partners are focused on improving mind education. The 4th R Foundations would like to draw attention to optimizing the mind itself by optimizing the brain through emotional health. 

With just one single key of emotional health, we can unlock, optimize and fully harness all aspects of the mind and brain. 

Please consider the following:
American education is the best and yet 50% of Americans struggle to make their ends meet. It is because even though they make good money with their well-educated minds, they spend their money with miseducated brains. Look at the results of ignoring and miseducating brains. Please look at American social standards, they are #28 and declining. Just imagine what will happen when brain education is brought up to par with mind education.

The world needs to establish brain education and the emotional health industries. We need emotional health hospitals and departments. We need brain education on par with mind education.

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