This is the truth about Trump.

Wisdom Education is Brain Health Education; Where Wisdom Land is a Start...

Our Education System Has Cutting Edge Mind Education While Brain Education Is Under the radar Screen.

Emotional health is the panacea for a wise America.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

We must define & act on the main problem, we talk of health and yet ignore emotional health, the very foundation of health, happiness, education, & prosperity.

Biden-Harris team pl., prove my plan wrong or show a better plan, otherwise, please adopt my plan to transform America from being an emotionally challenged country into an emotional health superpower.”
— Sajid Khan
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, November 7, 2020 / -- Dear Biden-Harris Team: I need a big favor please review my formula to improve education, health, society, prosperity, relationships, etc. Please prove me wrong, or show me a better plan or use my plan as your own. Please get in touch with me.

Our social standards are only getting worse. It is all because we have cutting-edge mind education and as a result civilization in terms of infrastructure is improving. Brain education that ensures emotional health is ignored and messed up and as a result, our emotional health and thus our social health is messed up.

The Biden-Harris team is very great at fishing out problems and providing solutions but even they are missing the fundamental cause of our social and emotional mess and thus missing the one silver bullet solution that will solve America's mother of all problems.

Before America got away with lots of economic blunders but now we are running on printing unsupported dollars and so our decline will only hasten. There is still time to come out with a thriving America if we focus on emotional health.

Here is my formula:

Here is my hypothesis:

My silver bullet solution is all about upbringing through wise parenting:

I have simple tricks to solve our many problems.

Here is a banner I displayed for four days at the earlier Cleveland Republican convention.

The reason why I have published hundreds of blogs, comments and articles from day one of Trump announcing the run for the White House is to explain that Trump is unfit to be president. Thankfully we have made sure Trump is not voted in once again. Trump is emotionally challenged and just as I had predicted he has made a mess of everything especially the handling of the corona response. It is estimated that his rallies alone have caused the spread of the virus to over 70,000 people and has caused 700 deaths.

We have paid a heavy price by putting insanity in the White House. But the storm is over and the calm dawn has come. The experiencing of Trump's insanity on full display should and must still be a priceless lesson, that will transform America from an emotionally challenged country into a thriving emotional health superpower. Our leaders and experts must wake up to the fact that Trump is the symbol in chief of America being an emotionally challenged country by far. This #1 problem of the neglect of emotional health is under the radar screen of our leaders and experts. Our experts are to blame. They misdefine emotional health as mental health when these are two separate though overlapping entities.

The second and even more essential reason is to make our experts and leaders take action on the fact that Trump is just the symbol in chief of America's #1 problem; America is an emotionally challenged country by far. Our society is a mess because our emotional health is a mess as there is no focus on emotional health. Emotional health is misdefined as mental health; even when these are separate entities. The Social Progress Institute that has several Nobel Prize winners is now asking for similar action. They are even saying that our social decline has accelerated due to Trump's incompetence.

I have worked for the Democratic ticket by publishing hundreds of comments in the NY Times, and social media exposing Trump's insanity. I have made bumper stickers, hats, and t-shirts. I have even produced songs for the Biden-Harris Team. I have mailed samples to your Philadelphia headquarters and handed some samples to several of your offices.

There are over 40,000 books on wisdom and yet one makes us wise. I have explained wisdom in one 3 minute song: I made this song for you to play at your rallies.

I have demonstrated at Trump Tower and at Trump rallies with banners. I have even tried to sue Trump's doctor for giving him a clean bill of health.

I have published several press releases supporting Biden-Harris that were each published in thousands of places. Here is the press release distribution report for the one published on election day:

I am an activist for emotional health and I want to see America transformed from the current emotionally challenged country into an emotional health superpower.

Please take my plan as your own.

Sajid Khan, President
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