An Open Letter To Our Biden-Harris Team

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

Brain Education Is At The Door. Please Embrace It.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

Ever since Trump announced his candidacy I have posted hundred of articles and comments why Trump is unfit to be president. I also protested in front of Trump T

The difference between Trump & Biden is Trump is insane and Biden is emotionally healthy. Trump displays all the character traits of ignorance, Biden's wisdom is his chief asset & is on full display.”
— Sajid Khan
RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 19, 2020 / -- Please consider me on your speech writing, debate coaching, advertising and policy teams.

Not only is Biden the most well prepared for the White House he has this extraordinary quality of giving up his long held solutions if something better turns up. Given Biden's openness to innovation America has a good chance to finally over come its biggest crisis of being emotionally challenged and become an Emotional Health Super Power. I will provide the step by step plan that will enhance our Biden-Harris agenda.

Biden & Harris can accomplish what no president has done ever, solve once & for all America's #1 problem of America being an emotionally challenged country.

Biden and Harris will hopefully focus on emotional health (EH) America's #1 problem. EH is the panacea for all the social ills of society and yet there is no testing or manual for EH. No wonder American society is messed up. Now even the Social Progress Institute, that consists of several Nobel Prize winners, is calling for a wake up call to take action on our deteriorating social standards.

Both Biden and Harris have extraordinary grit and pooled together their grit is squared. It took Obama-Biden's extraordinary grit to do what no president could accomplish: healthcare reform. Still the healthcare problem was well known. Biden-Harris have a chance to tackle the #1 problem of America being an emotionally challenged country. Throughout history the emotional health crisis has remained undiscovered & unsolved.

Emotional health being messed up means health, education, society are all messed up. Drug addiction, divorce, tense relationships, unhappiness. crime and corruption, sleeplessness, inflated defense budgets, suicide, finances are all a mess. Crime alone costs a trillion dollars. All because we miseducate the brain.

For the first time in history America will become an emotional health super power!

I have a one of a kind expertise that America and the world needs. Whether I am added to your policy team or not I would still like to share my innovations for you to use to win the election and then to implement for the greater good.

Please review the following to decide if I deserve to be on your policy team.

Here is my hypothesis:

Here is my shortcut to a wise society:

How to reform education. blob:

Please review the following to decide if I deserve to be on your debate coaching, speech writing, and advertising teams. I have posted over 200 comments in NY Times and all over explaining why Trump is unfit to be a mayor of a small village let alone the White House, as he is the slave of his insane gut. Here is a sample:

The main step towards making America great again is to make America sane again. The right step is to have the right leadership in the White House. We need to replace insanity with wisdom.

The difference between Trump and Biden is that Trump is emotionally challenged and Biden is the very epitome of emotional health. While Trump displays all the character traits of ignorance Biden's wisdom is his chief asset and is on full display.

No matter how many expert briefings Trump attends and his mind soaks up the new information, and changes his opinion in light of the new information. His brain sticks to its insane gut's entrenched opinion and forces the mind to revert to its beliefs. It is like a student comes in with his half-baked knowledge and the new lessons go in one ear and go out the next. Naturally when the test comes up the student has learnt nothing new and so ends up with a D. The question is can America afford another four years of Trump's insane gut's rule?

For a president when his knowledge is not up to the mark, he is still successful when he follows and implements the expert's policy. In the case of Trump, his expert in chief above and beyond all experts; is his own insane gut so Trump follows and implements it's D grade solutions, ignoring the better available solutions. Even his appointments are selected by his insane gut which believes it does not need expert advice as it itself is the top expert on all matters. So it appoints those who tow its agenda and consider it as the last word on all issues. The litmus test for employment in the Trump White House is loyalty and mediocre expertise is fine. Those who don't tow the insane gut's line are fired.

Presidents improve with experience but Trump's insane phony overconfidence has kept him chained to his D grade competence.

Trump has two sets of opinions on any given issue. What his mind knows and what his brain feels. Which opinion will emerge in his speech depends on whether he is in the mind mode or the brain mode. Trump is a brain person more than a mind person. Unfortunately his brain is emotionally challenged. It is his brain that is the boss. So he filters reality through his insane feelings about it. The mind's knowledge is overruled by his insane brain's own make belief reality.

His brain believes that by virtue of being the commander in chief he is also the expert in chief and not just in any one field but in all fields. Thus he does not only not consult many experts to decide policy he does not hire the best experts just those who believe that he is the last expert on all issues. His brain handicap is compounded by the fact that he sleeps less than four hours. So his tired brain projects a tired mind, brain and body. I am willing to help him with deep brain relaxation that he needs desperately.

Letting an insane brain lead the war against the virus is itself pure insanity. Steps must be taken to ensure that insanity is never again allowed to compete for the White House. The limits of presidential powers must be more clearly defined and any president showing signs of insanity must be removed from office, without going through the impeachment process.

Trump's emotional health is a mess. His adviser in chief is his insane gut that has an insane mind of its own. His insanity cannot distinguish between having the ultimate power, which he does have being the commander in chief and ultimate expertise which he is far from having. Not only does his gut feel that it has the authority to rule by presidential orders over the entire congress and country, it has the authority to be the expert in chief on all issues. So every single day he lectures on and on as if he is the expert authority. He does not even have the capacity to realize that his knowledge is based on misinformation supplied by his insane gut.

What I have said a thousand times and even published in the NY Times hundreds of times is now being said by a team of Nobel Prize winners that Trump is a symptom of America's declining trend. That America must wake up and take action towards removing this massive crisis. I have not only been highlighting this problem for the last 50+ years I have been defining the fundamental cause and cure for this mess. Please review all my published comments on your page and take over my plan as your own. Please I need to hand over my emotional health activism to your Biden-Harris Team. I have already done the hard work and you can make it center stage where action can be taken. My wisdom formula has trillion dollar applications and peace and happiness it will bring is priceless.

Another reason I deserve to be on your team is because I have protested against Trump at his headquarters hundreds of times with banners and t-shirts. I even have a leadership test that Trump failed. I posted it on Fox News and GOP's page. I challenged them to prove me wrong that Trump is insane. They are silent. I have scientifically proved Trump's insanity.

At the last Trump convention I held a banner at the entrance to the arena in Cleveland saying that 'I will give $1000.00 to anyone who can prove that Trump is not insane'. Not one persons out of tens of thousands who walked passed the banner, took up my challenge.

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