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Sustainability solutions provider Sustaira accelerates growth with marketplace announcement and API focus

Sustaira Sustainability and ESG App Launchpad

Sustaira Sustainability and ESG App Launchpad

Sustaira Sustainability Circle and App Launchpad

Sustaira Sustainability Circle and App Launchpad

Evaluation Criteria Framework for ESG & Sustainability Software

Evaluation Criteria Framework for ESG & Sustainability Software

Sustainability and ESG software provider, Sustaira shares their 2023 year-end review, accelerating growth with a marketplace announcement and API focus in 2024.

Working with Sustaira has been a great experience. The platform integrates seamlessly with data from our waste management partners. We have also used this tool to monitor and track our goals.”
— Lacey Raak, Sustainability Director, California State University MB
BOSTON, MA, USA, January 31, 2024 / -- Since the privately held and bootstrapped software company, Sustaira, launched its Sustainability platform in Spring 2022, a rapidly growing number of leading enterprises embraced the solution. Organizations deal with the urgency to aggregate large volumes of data across multiple data sources inside and outside their organization. The growing number of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) legislations, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), is forcing organizations to put the right software solutions in place, quickly. This is a data collection, aggregation and reporting challenge primarily, that ultimately organizations need to turn into actionable insights and workflow driven applications.

To tackle these significant challenges, Sustaira’s platform uniquely offers a portfolio of flexible solutions at the intersection of four growth markets, namely Sustainability and ESG data aggregation and reporting, Sustainability consulting, Low-code solutions, and Artificial Intelligence. According to leading analysts, such as Gartner, these markets vary from $5B to $135B in size. Examples of the customizable solutions include Sustainability Goals & KPI tracking, Sustainability planning and (Net-zero) scenario analysis, Carbon Accounting, Waste tracking, ESG Disclosures, DEI insights, and Sustainability supplier management.

Alongside enabling and empowering customers such as California State University and Sellen Construction, many new organizations in 2023 were onboarded, such as Sunview and the Transnational Diversified Group, a Holding Company aggregating and reporting Greenhouse Gas Protocol based Carbon footprint data across their 30+ subsidiaries. Users of Sustaira pride the speed, flexibility, and integration capabilities of the platform:

“The flexibility of Sustaira’s platform provides a robust solution and centralizes sustainability reporting challenges for companies of any size. In partnering with Sustaira’s development team, we have created an application to accelerate a data-driven future.”
~ Jenny Moshea, Chief Information Officer at Sellen Construction

"Working with Sustaira has been a great experience. The platform integrates seamlessly with data from our waste management partners. It helped us reduce the "clunkiness" of spreadsheets . We have also used this tool to monitor and track our goals and strategies (KPI) in our Inclusive Sustainability Plan, completely shifting how we monitor track and assign responsibility of over 150 strategies."
~ Lacey Raak, Sustainability Director, California State University Monterey Bay 2023

“The app development process was truly collaborative. The partnership Sellen and Sustaira established enabled us to look at our data in a more holistic manner while complying with the specific requirements of the Contractor’s Commitment. The flexibility of the app will help us implement necessary updates in the years to come as Sellen and our peers continue to build a more sustainable construction industry.”
~ Angi Rivera, Director of Sustainability at Sellen Construction.

In 2023, Sustaira’s partner network quadrupled with local Sustainability consulting and implementation partners in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, China, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany and other regions. Sustaira’s strategic partnership with Siemens and its low-code platform Mendix strengthened, leading to new projects and valuable customer engagements. Enabled by a Big Data, AI and Sustainability collaboration with business and technology partner, Capgemini, Sustaira is able to provide global expertise and truly trailered Sustainability solutions at scale to large international enterprises. These customer successes and impactful partnerships represent the success Sustaira experiences and confirms the go-to-market strategy focused on flexible domain-specific Sustainability app templates, co-creation, and enabling Sustainability and ESG experts.

To accelerate and further enhance the unique value proposition of the Sustaira Sustainability platform and its rich ecosystem, the company announces a Sustainability software and consulting marketplace, combined with a library of APIs to facilitate accessibility and rapid integration. Whether organizations leverage Sustaira’s app templates or use other solutions, the Sustaira platform brings it all together and seamlessly integrates with pointed systems, such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Workiva, Sphera and others. An example is the Sustaira Carbon ingestion and data hub that imports Carbon data from a variety of Carbon Accounting solutions, as well as third-party data providers, to unlock Sustainability data towards more advanced insights, monitoring, benchmarking, scenario planning and actions.

As Founder and CEO, Vincent de la Mar, highlights:
“We strongly believe in a collaborative bottom-up approach with a flexible building-block solution, augmented by a rich marketplace with app templates and connectors, and an international network of experienced Sustainability consultants. Regardless of an organization’s size, industry, geography, or Sustainability maturity, they are offered an applicable tailored solution that enriches over time, as they see a need.

As international and local requirements are constantly changing, the Sustaira Sustainability platform offers not only the necessary agility from a functional and technical perspective, but also from a solution implementation and guidance perspective via its Sustainability marketplace and (local) network of partners.

“It’s amazing to see that the vision we had two years ago, to accelerate Sustainability initiatives via co-creation and collaboration, is happening today with our innovative customers and experienced partners, such as Siemens and Capgemini. I want to thank all of them and our talented team for their support in 2023, as we look forward to taking this to the next level in 2024.”

Sustaira welcomes new talent, customers, and partners, so be sure to connect with us and learn more via

About Sustaira
Sustaira is the App Platform for all your Sustainability & ESG web and mobile solutions. Imagine a world where cutting edge technology and Sustainability domain expertise are combined. At its core, Sustaira offers the all-in-one Sustainability App platform, app templates, and custom web and mobile initiatives. This technology is then paired with App delivery and implementation services. Lastly, organizations have the option through Sustaira’s ecosystem and network for Sustainability and ESG Consulting. Sustaira is going beyond goal setting, data gathering and reporting. Sustaira makes it actionable, accountable, scalable, and rewarding. As a 360-degree software platform, Sustaira is on a mission to accelerate Sustainability and ESG initiatives by enabling and empowering Sustainability Directors to make their organizations more Sustainable. Faster. Sustainability starts with Sustaira.

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