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MiaRec Unveils Groundbreaking Auto QA Powered by Generative AI within the MiaRec Conversational Intelligence Suite

MiaRec Generative AI Auto QA

MiaRec Generative AI Auto QA

MiaRec unveils Auto QA, powered by Generative AI, a game-changing feature that advances automated quality assurance while saving costs.

By leveraging Generative AI in our Auto QA solution for contact centers, we've addressed the limitations of traditional methods, offering our customers unprecedented accuracy and flexibility”
— Gennadiy Bezko, CEO of MiaRec
CAMPBELL, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2023 / -- MiaRec, a pioneer in innovative Conversational Intelligence solutions, proudly announces the launch of a new Automated Quality Assurance (Auto QA), a transformative feature based on Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) integrated into their cutting-edge MiaRec system. Developed through extensive training on thousands of calls, Auto QA marks a substantial advancement in automated quality assurance and analysis for customer interactions. AI-based Auto QA solutions save contact centers a significant amount of money compared to manual QA processes and offer comprehensive visibility into agent performance. Unlike manual evaluations, which typically cover only 2-5 percent of interactions, Auto QA provides 100% visibility.

Auto QA based on Generative AI revolutionizes the landscape of call center analytics by offering a suite of distinct advantages, including:

1. Unparalleled Accuracy: Auto QA surpasses traditional query-based methods (keyword and key phrase analysis) by delivering vastly superior accuracy in assessing call content. It eliminates the need for rigid, predefined queries, allowing users to inquire in natural language while still obtaining precise results.

2. Context Understanding: Powered by Generative AI, Auto QA comprehends the context within conversations, enabling it to provide contextually relevant answers and insights. This capability is particularly valuable when conversations involve various phrasings and wording scenarios that cannot be predicted in advance.

3. Zero Configuration: Unlike traditional keyword-based systems that demand extensive configuration, Auto QA requires no such setup. Users can seamlessly engage with the system without the need for painstaking configuration efforts.

4. No Need for Data Analysts or AI Engineers: MiaRec's Auto QA and the Conversational Intelligence Suite, in general, are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Customers won't require a team of analysts or engineers to harness the full potential of these features. The intuitive interface ensures businesses can easily access and leverage valuable insights from customer interactions.

By harnessing the capabilities of Generative AI, MiaRec's Auto QA empowers businesses to extract maximum value from their customer interactions. Its compatibility with Sentiment Analysis and Topical Analysis further enhances the depth and breadth of insights generated from conversations, providing a holistic view of agent performance and customer interactions.

"Auto QA is a flagship feature of our MiaRec Conversational Intelligence suite, representing our commitment to automating quality assurance and compliance processes within the contact center through the power of AI. By leveraging Generative AI, we've addressed the limitations of traditional methods, offering our customers unprecedented accuracy and flexibility," said Gennadiy Bezko, CEO at MiaRec.

This groundbreaking release, alongside MiaRec's earlier announcement this year about Auto Call Summary, both powered by Generative AI, highlights the company's steadfast dedication to delivering advanced conversational intelligence solutions that enhance customer experiences and drive positive business outcomes.

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About MiaRec:

MiaRec is a leading provider of Voice Analytics and Auto QA solutions designed to help businesses enhance customer interactions, optimize operations, and automate quality assurance and compliance processes. MiaRec Conversation Intelligence suite includes AI-powered features such Auto QA, Sentiment and Topical Analysis, Auto Data Redaction, Auto Call Summaries, and much more. With a commitment to innovation and cutting-edge AI technologies, MiaRec empowers organizations to unlock valuable insights from customer interactions, driving business success.

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