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Bombora Launches Intelligent Account-Based Marketing to Solve B2B Programmatic Issues

Collaboration with The Trade Desk and Chalice AI brings account-based frequency controls to programmatic advertising

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2023/ -- Programmatic ad buying has revolutionized the digital media space, making it far easier for both B2C and B2B advertisers to reach their target audiences. While B2B advertisers have taken advantage of the technology, many haven’t been able to transfer their account-based marketing strategies directly into programmatic due to unique data challenges.

Bombora, the leading provider of B2B Intent data solutions, is solving that issue with the launch of Intelligent Account-Based Marketing (iABM), a solution that optimizes, measures, and proves the impact of programmatic B2B campaigns with transparent reporting. iABM takes advantage of Bombora’s industry-leading B2B identity and audiences, as well as a custom algorithm built by the software company Chalice AI. At launch, iABM is available exclusively with The Trade Desk.

“As an organization, Merkle employs a data-driven, strategic methodology to help brands assess and define audiences for stronger targeting. We seek actionable insights and strongly believe in programmatic transparency to validate our tactics and optimize them for future campaigns,” said Merkle Senior Director of Digital Activation Jacob Beck. “iABM has enabled us to efficiently reach all of the accounts that we’re targeting and clearly measure delivery, resulting in higher CTRs and more accounts reached for programs we’re currently running on behalf of our brand partners. We are looking forward to the continued success and growth of this innovative solution.”

In efforts to capitalize on the offerings of programmatic advertising, B2B marketers have been looking for a solution to measure delivery against target accounts and to ensure the optimal frequency of ad experience against target accounts.

iABM solves this issue, helping B2B advertisers regulate delivery, gain complete control of frequency, and deliver their impressions on target. Marketers can customize their campaign delivery to meet their exact performance needs, while using transparent, unique insights to support a better data strategy. Early campaigns utilizing iABM have seen 99% of impressions delivered on target.

“Account based marketing is an important and growing category of digital ad spend,” said Ben Sylvan, General Manager of Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk. “By working with partners like Bombora and Chalice, we’ve been able to unlock the ability for B2B marketers to measure and optimize their ABM campaigns across the open internet, including CTV. This helps close the loop on effective account-based advertising for the first time, helping advertisers make the most of B2B ad budgets and helping sales and marketing organizations become more closely aligned.”

Bombora derives its intent data from a proprietary and unique Data Cooperative, made up of more than 5,000 members that make up the B2B internet. This co-op model makes Bombora’s data the only high-quality, scalable, first-party sourced and consented solution available. Bombora audiences make use of this data, while also offering the ability to further segment using firmographic and business demographic data, meeting the needs of all B2B marketers.

“Our customers understand the power of programmatic, but the data limitations have prevented them from actually reaching all of their target accounts,” said Mark Dye, Chief Strategy Officer, Bombora. “With iABM, we can not only provide frequency capping, but transparent reporting that shows delivery on an account level.”

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