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Reducing the Wait for Digital Ad Payments, OAREX Processes More Than $1 Billion in Transactions

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Providing digital media buyers and sellers with liquidity, OAREX reduces payment wait time and offers flexible funding to support growth

One billion dollars of transactions a testament to the efficiency of our ops team. It shows that our commitment to our clients remains paramount.”
— Taylor Haddix, COO at OAREX
CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2022 / -- OAREX, the provider of fast and flexible funding for digital media businesses, today announced that the company hit a major milestone in Q2 2022 by processing more than 18,000 transactions totaling $1 billion. This milestone illustrates the ongoing and increasing need for fast funding in the digital ad space.

For digital media buyers and sellers, OAREX solves one of their biggest problems–the long wait time to receive digital ad payments. As an industry leader in fast funding, OAREX reduces the wait time by providing digital media and advertising businesses with on-demand funds and access to instant liquidity. These funds enable businesses to focus on growth and scale while preserving equity.

Depending on where digital media companies are within the fragmented ecosystem (agencies, DSPs/SSPs, networks, exchanges, publishers, etc.), they must wait anywhere from N30 to N120 days to get paid by their demand partners. The extended wait time limits a company’s cash flow and its ability to reinvest those dollars.

In fact, digital media buyers and sellers know that waiting for payouts can negatively impact the company’s ability to focus on sustained growth and implement strategies to scale. However, OAREX users can trade their invoices and get paid up front. By trading future digital payouts and receiving same-day cash, they unlock the equity tied up in their invoices and can reinvest.

When receiving these fast funds, companies can apply them toward growth strategies such as scaling an ad campaign. By reinvesting the funds and repeatedly turning over the same dollar, the company can increase the total return on ad spend (ROAS).

Commenting on the milestone, Chief Operations Officer at OAREX, Taylor Haddix said, “We pride ourselves on speed and flexibility, which is why our clients continue to excel, and our retention rates exceed industry standards.” Haddix continued, “One billion dollars of transactions processed is a volume that speaks for itself, and it is a testament to the efficiency of our ops team. It shows that our commitment to our clients remains paramount, and we are excited to continue helping them grow.”

Due to the capital-intensive nature of the industry, access to such liquidity pools is a vital component for a rapidly growing digital media business to sustain growth.

Taylor went on to say, “Now, with rising interest rates and growing uncertainty within equity markets, many media buyers and sellers are looking to us because they need a flexible funding partner who works with them to meet their growth needs in a tightening economy.”

Whether media buyers and sellers need working capital to cover overhead expenses or cash to buy traffic and drive revenue, OAREX is the fast and flexible solution that can help.

About OAREX Capital Markets, Inc.

OAREX, the Online Ad Revenue Exchange, operates a digital revenue exchange where digital media businesses can exchange future revenue payouts for capital now. Established in 2013, OAREX has become a worldwide leader in financing for digital media businesses. East West Bank’s investment in OAREX is a testament to its model and the digital media industry as a whole. See for more information or visit to open an account.

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