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Animal Ortho Care Adds a New Dimension of Pet Mobility with the Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair

dog walking in pet wheelchair

Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair

Dog Head Turning Rear View Medium Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair

Rear View Medium Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair

XXS Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair - Toy Breeds & Miniature Breeds

XXS Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair

The pet bracing company launches its first adjustable wheelchair, offering seven sizes

We are delighted to offer pets, especially those who are not prosthetic candidates, another mobility solution with the launch of this product”
— Aneeta Boor Boor
ARDEN HILLS, MN, USA, October 27, 2021 / -- Minnesota veterinary company Animal Ortho Care (AOC), a subsidiary of Caerus Corp known for its range of custom dog braces, announced the release of a new product line, the Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair. These adjustable wheelchairs are designed to provide greater mobility for dogs who have difficulty walking due to weakness, injury, paralysis, or amputation of the rear limbs. The company's site highlights the wheelchair's adjustable aluminum frame as providing sturdy resilience while remaining lightweight. The frame's length and width can both be adjusted, while the wheel struts can be positioned to serve dogs of different heights with proper balance and weight distribution. The customizability of the wheelchair is further enhanced by a range of seven distinct available sizes – including one specifically targeted at corgis and dachshunds, whose unusually long bodies and low profile demand special accommodations. The Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair is available through Animal Ortho Care's website and, depending on size, varies in price from $149 to $419.

"We are delighted to offer pets, especially those who are not prosthetic candidates, another mobility solution with the launch of this product," says Aneeta Boor Boor, General Manager of Caerus Corp's veterinary division, which also includes the L'il Back Bracer line of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) orthopedic supports as well as the EM Technology line of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) pain relieving devices. "This wheelchair offers unparalleled adjustability so dogs can comfortably use it on walks, hikes, or just to play in the yard." Boor Boor then drew attention to felines and their owners, a group that she felt were underserved by current mobility options. "We are also excited that our smaller wheelchair sizes are designed to be light enough for cats to use, without compromising quality or durability."

The online retailer's new product is focused on aging pets who are often subject to a host of painful and debilitating conditions with osteoarthritis being an extremely common diagnosis. Other maladies that affect mobility include spine-specific or neurological conditions, such as degenerative myelopathy and IVDD. "When people call in and give us background on their pet, we often ask for photos or videos to get a better idea of how the dog's movement is being affected," explains Victoria Runnoe's, AOC's Customer Care Manager. "We work with our customers from start to finish, answering questions about their purchase and helping them fully understand how the device is going to help their pet. Once they receive the product it's pretty neat -- people circle back to us afterwards and they'll just be crying happy tears. Their dog is now able to walk when they haven't been able to for days or months. I love knowing that what we do every day really impacts animals and helps them live life to the fullest."

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