Robocall Solution Testing and Validation Methodology released by Mind Commerce

Robocall Solution Testing Methodology

Sees Need for Industry Consensus around Metrics, Procedures, and Benchmarking

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2019 / -- In a world trending towards non-voice communications, ICT research and consulting firm, Mind Commerce, is working to identify how to best preserve the integrity of voice calling. The company has recently published its initial robocall solution testing and validation methodology, which the firm has independently developed and plans to use for testing the performance of smartphone apps used by consumers to identify unwanted robocalls.

The primary objective of the methodology is to provide a basis for determination of robocall management performance. This includes mitigating the impact of unwanted robocalls as well as not impeding wanted calls, such as business calls from legitimate business operations. Mind Commerce sees this work as critical if the telecommunications industry is to maintain voice calls as a viable means of communications.

Two primary areas of focus for unwanted robocall solution testing are Identification Rate of Unwanted Calls and Error Rate of Wanted Calls. Identification Rate reflects how accurately a solution identifies unwanted calls and Error Rate represents the extent to which solutions erroneously identify calls as unwanted that are actually wanted calls from legitimate businesses. With robocalls continuing to hit telecommunications networks, there is a need for unwanted call management solutions to allow consumers to avoid unwanted robocalls as well as facilitate the identification of wanted calls.

While the creation of this initial methodology is a big step forward, Mind Commerce recognizes there is more work to be done. The company’s founder, Gerry Christensen, stated “This methodology provides an initial framework to conduct testing and validation, but it is not perfect as we need additional participation from industry constituents” Mr. Christensen referenced the company’s advocacy to develop an industry body it refers to as an Unwanted Call Management Framework (UCMF). Contact Mind Commerce to learn more about the UCMF and inquire about participation.

Mind Commerce defines the UCMF as a recently established industry body, formed to assist the telecommunications industry with respect to unwanted robocalls. The UCMF consists of Members, Steering Committee, and Advisors who share the same goal of determining the effectiveness of tools used to mitigate unwanted robocalls while preserving the ability for wanted calls to be answered by consumers.

The initial methodology available from Mind Commerce represents the current approach to testing and validation. It is subject to change pending direction from the UCMF group and/or other industry constituents including communications service providers. The company is open to discussion about its methodology and is encouraging all industry constituents to share their views.

It is difficult to arrive at meaningful conclusions in absence of agreement regarding key metrics including nomenclature, definitions, and what is to be tested and validated. In terms of nomenclature, it is known that different vendor solutions have varying ways in which they describe a problematic call such as scam vs. fraud.

Accordingly, one of the most important goals of the UCMF is to identify definitions and importance for key metrics such as “Unwanted Call”, “Wanted Call”, and “Critical Call”. In addition, there are some gray areas such as calls from ethical, lawful businesses that follow the rules, but are sometimes treated as “unwanted”. For example, law-abiding callers do not want to be labeled as "nuisance" or "spam" calls. Leading unwanted call management solutions take into account the need to both identify unwanted robocalls as well as facilitate the opportunity for wanted calls to be answered.

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