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PharmStars Announces Spring 2024 Graduates: 10 Digital Health Startups Complete PharmStars’ Pharma-focused Accelerator

PharmStars' Spring 2024 Graduate Startups and Staff

PharmStars' Spring 2024 Graduate Startups and Staff

10 startups successfully completed PharmStars’ 10-week educational and mentoring PharmaU accelerator program which culminated with a Showcase Event in Boston.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, July 2, 2024 / -- PharmStars the pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups, is delighted to announce that 10 startups graduated from its Spring 2024 program focusing on “Digital Innovations in Oncology.” The graduating startups successfully completed PharmaU, PharmStars’ 10-week educational and mentoring program. PharmaU culminated in June with a Showcase Event in Boston that brought together participating startups and PharmStars’ innovation-minded pharma members.

PharmStars is dedicated to bridging the "pharma-startup gap." The accelerator's mission is to help biopharma and digital health startups overcome cultural and other barriers to partnership, thereby accelerating the adoption of digital innovations to improve patient outcomes. PharmaU, PharmStars’ education and mentoring program, prepares participating startups to effectively engage with pharma companies as clients and partners.

The 10 graduating startups were selected in March 2024 following a highly competitive application process that attracted applicants from 16 countries. The selected startups each offer a unique digital health solution related to digital innovations in oncology. These startups’ innovative digital health solutions include new oncology digital biomarkers, novel use of data, advanced trial design and modeling tools, innovative mechanisms to identify and recruit patients, and patient engagement solutions.

The graduating startups were pleased with both their PharmaU education and the deliverables they developed. Trishan Arul, CEO of Picture Health and a Spring 2024 PharmStars graduate, said, “We benefited tremendously from learning about drug development and the different pharma functions involved. PharmStars helped us hone our pitch for a specific function within pharma and provided ‘insider’ tips on how to work with them.”

At the Showcase Event, startups presented their solutions to PharmStars’ pharma members and participated in one-on-one meetings with them. More than 50 meetings took place over a two-day period.

The startups were enthusiastic about the Showcase Event and the one-on-one meetings they had with PharmStars’ pharma members. Another Spring 2024 PharmStars graduate, Sanjai Murali, CEO of JOGO Health, said, “We were delighted with the access to and the informal meetings with digital health innovation stakeholders inside pharma. PharmStars helped us access pharma companies, setting the stage for us to develop meaningful partnerships with potential customers.” Trishan Arul agreed and added, “PharmStars enabled us and the pharma members to know enough about each other that our one-on-one meetings with them went extremely well – it was the equivalent of having a ‘third’ meeting in just one day.”

PharmStars is a unique accelerator that provides digital health startups selling to pharma assistance in developing product/market fit. Said Trishan Arul, “PharmStars is different from the typical accelerator, where the final pitch is to investors. At the PharmStars' Showcase, we presented to qualified pharma customers who had already expressed interest in our services. Getting such customer validation is, ultimately, the most important thing for business success.”

The following 10 digital health startups successfully completed the Spring 2024 PharmStars accelerator:
• Akkure Genomics (Dublin, Ireland) – Digital Medical Twins for Precision Oncology Trials
• Elly Health (San Diego, CA) – Digital Audio Companion for Treatment Adherence
• JOGO Health (Lexington, MA) – Non-invasive, EMG Wearable Platform for Neuropathic Pain Measurement and Treatment
• OmicsChart (Martinsried, Germany) – Multi-omics, Cancer Biomarker Discovery Platform for Translational Researchers
• Panacea-ml (Ra’anana, Israel) – Explainable-AI Platform to Streamline Clinical Trial Design
• Patientory, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) – Reward-Driven Patient Data Platform for Clinical Trial Recruitment, Including of Under-Represented Populations
• Picture Health (Cleveland, OH) – Multi-modal AI Imaging Biomarker Development Platform for Precision Oncology
• Sano (Cambridge, UK) – Unified, Cross-Region Platform for Patient-Finding, Genetic Testing, and Patient Engagement
• Saventic Health (Warsaw, Poland) – AI Platform for Rapid Diagnosis of Rare Disease Patients
• Triomics (San Francisco, CA) – Oncology LLM Powered Platform for Enhanced Patient-Trial Matching

PharmStars is accepting applications for its upcoming Fall 2024 cohort, focused on “Digital Innovations in Clinical Trials” until July 15, 2024. Digital health startups interested in participating can find additional details and the application on the PharmStars’ website,

For pharma and biotech companies, PharmStars membership is available to a limited number of additional firms.

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