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At ASCO ’24, Perthera Launches New Services Aimed at Easing Burden on Clinicians Delivering Precision Oncology Care

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2024 / -- Perthera has announced the addition of new services and capabilities to its Precision Oncology Platform suite aimed at making it easier for Oncologists to identify and deliver the best precision treatment for their patients. The Perthera Precision Oncology Platform provides patented, AI-driven, ranked-therapy option decision support to oncologists, advocacy groups, and their staff. The addition of new capabilities makes it simpler to order a report and now come with an option to have Perthera handle the complex task of getting a patient on clinical trial or off-label therapy if chosen by the treating clinician. This is part of Perthera’s “last mile” strategy to address systemic gaps in the current precision oncology system to make it easier for clinicians to make optimal care decisions and get their patients on therapy. As of last year, Perthera services are covered by a Category III CPT code in recognition that precision oncology treatment benefits significantly from computational support for decision-making.

“The fact is, practicing precision oncology is highly complex and getting more so-- and is not well supported by the greater healthcare ecosystem, said Donna Tuths, Chief Executive Officer of Perthera. With the number of possible therapeutic options increasing at a rapid pace, matching a patient to the best option is challenging and time consuming. And, if that clinician wants to get their patient on a clinical trial or off-label therapy, the burden of helping patients to navigate those pathways falls to the clinician and their support staff. We want to take away those barriers and provide oncologists the support they need to practice precision oncology—from tackling complex decision-making to removing roadblocks to therapy”, Tuths explained.

Perthera has simplified and enhanced the ordering and case management capabilities of the renowned Perthera Report® providing a single easy-to-use platform to access additional services. This helps oncologists deliver the optimal treatment for each patient while reducing the administrative burden to start treatment. The new myPerthera portal seamlessly integrates into existing clinical workflows, providing an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, ensuring that the crucial steps from order to outcome are efficient and straightforward. The simplified processes integrate seamlessly with current systems and processes, emphasizing Perthera’s commitment to reducing the burdens associated with precision oncology. Additionally, the platform is not required to be integrated into an EMR enabling rapid and simple onboarding for clinicians and their care teams.

The Perthera Report® is the company’s cornerstone service, offering a comprehensive analysis that combines a patient’s medical history, molecular data, and the latest real-world evidence to provide ranked therapy treatment options, including Clinical Trials. The report leverages cutting-edge AI refined by a Virtual Molecular Tumor Board to ensure that every recommendation is precise and tailored to the individual profile of each patient. The myPerthera Portal provides swift access to these reports, enabling timely, informed decision-making critical to effective cancer treatment. Perthera’s engine and processes are lab-agnostic, allowing clinicians to leverage test results from any CLIA laboratory as inputs to the Perthera Report analysis for their patient.

The introduction of “last mile” services, helping clinicians get their patients on therapy, reinforces Perthera’s commitment to transforming cancer care through precision oncology. This is part of a broader strategy to ensure that every patient receives personalized, data-driven care. By enhancing how oncologists order and utilize the Perthera Report®, the company aims to set new standards in individualized, effective cancer treatment strategies.

Perthera will be at ASCO Booth # 37082 . Visitors can experience the benefits of the new myPerthera Portal and learn more about how they can join in this next phase of precision oncology, where advanced technology and clinical support services converge to significantly improve patient outcomes.

About Perthera

Founded in 2012, Perthera is the industry leader in Precision Oncology Decision Support. Our technology is utilized at over 600 cancer treatment centers across the United States, providing critical treatment decision support to more than 1500 oncologists. Perthera’s pioneering approach involves using lab-agnostic “multi-omic” test results to provide ranked treatment options through its Precision Oncology Platform and Perthera Report®. The use of past medical and treatment history, along with multi-omic results from any CLIA lab source, enables Perthera’s Ranked Therapy Options engine to identify the best treatments available for each patient. Covered by CPT 0794T code “Pharmaco-oncologic Algorithmic Treatment Ranking,” our reports are continually refined based on real-world outcomes to enhance future recommendations. The Perthera Report® has been validated through peer-reviewed, high-impact journals and has been clinically shown to increase survival rates for patients.

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