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Beach Sandy Sand Remover: Makes its debut at the Cannes Film Festival Gift Lounge Cannes, France

Beach Sandy Sand Remover Brush

Beach Sandy Brand

As the glitterati gather for the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival, the Beach Sandy Sand Remover is ready to be useful on the French Riviera

The beach is a symphony of sand and surf, align with it and let magic unfold”
— Sujata Eyrick
NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 18, 2024 / -- Nathalie Dubois, the President and CEO of DPA, is known for her innovative and successful production of celebrity gift suites. She chose the Beach Sandy Sand Remover Brush for her events, as she believed everyone could benefit from these products, especially when going to the beach.

Designed with the beach-goer in mind, the Beach Sandy Sand Remover is an eco-friendly, portable solution to the age-old problem of sandy feet and belongings. It’s a thoughtful gift for film festival attendees who appreciate sand free feet and beach gear. Packaged for convenience and style, it's perfect to keep in a beach tote.

Founder Sujata Eyrick created the Beach Sandy Sand Remover Brush. This brush is designed to effectively to remove sand from various items such as hands, feet, pets, beach toys, and sports gear and surf boards. It’s a popular product among beach-goers and has received positive reviews for its functionality. The brush comes with a microfiber storage bag that serves a dual purpose. Not only does it hold the brush, it also doubles as a cloth wipe for screens and sunglasses. Swiftly wipes away beach sand and sticky sunblock-laden fingerprints from your devices and eyewear.

As the Cannes Film Festival sets the stage for cinematic excellence, the Beach Sandy Sand Remover will be ready to keep everyone sand free.

Sujata Eyricks love affair with beaches spans across the globe. As a designer and nature lover she has spent her life exploring beautiful beaches. Family, kindness, joy, freedom, fitness and being inclusive to all…these are the values that she wakes up to look for every day. Sujata’s seaside passion has led her from the Hamptons, Virginia Beach to the Outer Banks, Isle of Palms and Miami on the East Coast. Malibu and Laguna Beach on the West, St. Barth’s and various islands of the Caribbean, to all the beautiful beaches of the Hawaiian Islands, and even as far as the exotic South Pacific paradises of Bora Bora and Huahine. She has explored beautiful coastlines, capturing videos and product photographs herself.

The sea therapy she experiences—fresh air, crashing waves, and seagulls—inspires her work. It’s not just about business; it’s about authenticity and a genuine connection to nature.

Sujata Eyricks passion for nature, the ocean, and sustainability shines through her work with Beach Sandy. Her commitment to clean seas and spreading the message of sustainability inspires us all. Whether you’re a celebrity or an everyday beach lover, the Beach Sandy Sand Remover Brush is a practical addition to your beach gear. Keep those feet sand-free and enjoy the beauty of our coastlines!

This event is not affiliated or official with the Cannes film festival.

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Beach Sandy sand free double sided sand remover brush