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The Usherpa SmartCRM is the exclusive CRM connected to MortgageFlexONE.

This partnership will give every MortgageFlexONE user the power of advanced automation to keep their pipelines full so they can take full advantage of this newly architected LOS.”
— Chris Harrington, President of Usherpa

DENVER, CO, USA, May 9, 2024 / -- Usherpa, the real estate and mortgage industry’s original enterprise CRM technology, has enhanced its strategic partnership with MortgageFlex, one of the industry’s original mortgage technology developers and creator of the MortgageFlexONE LOS. The Usherpa SmartCRM is the exclusive marketing automation and Relationship Engagement technology to be connected to the recently updated and re-architected MortgageFlex Loan Origination System (LOS). Additionally, all MortgageFlex users who join Usherpa will receive an added benefit of discounted Preferred Partner pricing on implementation and monthly dues.

“Even the most powerful loan origination software will fail to deliver the ROI lenders need without a strong pipeline of new mortgage loan applicants,” said Usherpa CEO and co-founder Chris Harrington. “This partnership will give every MortgageFlexONE user the power of advanced automation to keep their pipelines full so they can take full advantage of this newly architected LOS. All while nurturing contacts throughout the customer lifecycle, ensuring the maximum repeat and refer business possible.”

Lender studies have shown that Usherpa users double their production, converting 46% more prospects and increasing repeat business by 57% year over year. In addition, the company’s SmartScore AI technology finds past customers in LO portfolios that have a 360% greater likelihood of refinancing and a 297% greater chance of applying for a new purchase mortgage. Beyond that, Usherpa’s platform includes powerful in-process marketing tools that serve to keep borrowers engaged during the origination process, reducing loan fallout significantly.

MortgageFlexONE is an advanced loan origination system that offers a flexible design to allow lenders to tailor their solutions to meet their unique requirements for data consistency and accuracy. With built-in, rules-driven compliance, MortgageFlexONE users can expect high-quality loan originations that increase their profitability and reduce their risks, regardless of the partners they choose to work with.

According to Craig Bechtle, COO of MortgageFlex Systems, “Our updated LOS is built with all of the functionality that today’s mortgage lender needs in their back office. Because it’s built on the latest architecture, integrating with our preferred partners is easy and it further extends the power we’ve built into our LOS. We’re proud to partner with Usherpa for the benefit of our shared customers.”

Matt Moubray, National Sales Manager with Polaris Home Funding Corp. added, “The seamless integration of data from Mortgage Flex into Usherpa is priceless. It ensures no prospect or customer slips through the cracks, bypassing the time-consuming manual entry into the CRM. The automated Loan in Process milestone marketing significantly enhances customer and Realtor satisfaction by delivering the perfect message to the right individual at precisely the right moment.”

Usherpa’s SmartCRM Relationship Engagement Platform has maintained unmatched loyalty and longevity. Many members have been with the company for no less than a decade (and in some cases, over twenty years). Among new members, Usherpa maintains a retention rate of over 90% at the 90-day mark. Usherpa members have been proven to double their production because they convert 46% more prospects and increase repeat business by 57% year over year.

Usherpa’s marketing automation and SmartScore AI technology was named to the prestigious HousingWire 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 Tech100 lists. Usherpa was the only company in 2021 to make both real estate and mortgage lending lists, a feat it repeated in 2023 and 2024. Usherpa’s SmartCRM and Relationship Engagement Platform has helped thousands of loan officers stay connected with partners and clients over the past 25+ years. Find out more by visiting the company online.

About MortgageFlex
MortgageFlex Systems was founded in 1980 in Jacksonville, FL for one reason - to simplify mortgage lending. After 42 years, the company is still focused on the mortgage industry and dedicated to providing lenders with smart software solutions. Its mission is to provide retail, wholesale, and correspondent channels with the most cost-effective LOS and servicing software. Company services include 24/7 support, hosting, managed services, and implementation. MortgageFlex Systems looks to cultivate a strong partnership and is dedicated to helping you reach your optimal potential with our LOS, MortgageFlexONE- "The New Peak of Efficiency."

About Usherpa
Founded in 1995 as Media Center LLC at the second largest retail mortgage company in the country, Usherpa was born in 2008. Thus, the company was “born in a branch; forged in a meltdown.” Usherpa offers a powerful, easy-to-use marketing and CRM platform backed by gold-standard customer support and robust training. Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents using this Smart CRM have the power of the industry’s first fully automated Customer Relationship Engagement Platform and are empowered to build and maintain relationships with prospects, past customers, and business partners, resulting in increased repeat and referral business. Visit to learn more.

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