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Travel Gig Releases Industry First Outbound A.I. Calling System

Travel Gig - A.I. Calling Program

Travel Gig - A.I. Calling Program

Artificial intelligence agents now assist customers through live interactive phone calls!

The A.I. Calling program is designed to do the heavy lifting and repeated mundane tasks for you so affiliates can focus on the higher priorities of relationships and building their business.”
— Mike Darling, CTO
MISSOULA, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2024 / -- Travel Gig, LLC released the latest technological innovation for its revolutionary affiliate program promoting the world’s premier wholesale travel platform, HappiTravel®. Affiliates now have the ability to harness the power of artificial intelligence through their very own A.I. agent that will place a phone call to newly enrolled HappiTravel® customers and engage in live conversations to answer questions and facilitate paid upgrades on behalf of the referring affiliate.

The groundbreaking program is the first of its kind in the Direct Sales industry, facilitated by 212 Technologies® as a SaaS solution for Travel Gig®. Developed over the past year, the A.I. has been trained on the intricacies of the HappiTravel® wholesale platform as well as the Travel Gig® affiliate program, revolutionary Rewards Plan, and cutting edge mobile application. As a result the knowledge base of A.I. agents exceed that of virtually any organic affiliate, providing customers a robust source of information on program details so affiliates no longer feel the need to “learn everything” before sharing with others.

HappiTravel® customers sign up for free and receive a $100 travel savings card, no strings attached. Shortly after enrolling an A.I. agent will make an outbound sales call and engage in a live interactive conversation with the customer to welcome them and highlight the benefits of the wholesale travel platform. Each call is completely unique as the A.I. agent responds to whatever the customer is saying, thus can veer off topic as needed. Beyond providing introductory information, a primary goal of the A.I. agent is to encourage immediate paid upgrades by providing them with a complimentary vacation as a one-time upgrade offer. To facilitate this, agents can send out emails and SMS texts containing the specially coded upgrade link, upon request by the customer. When customers upgrade the referring Travel Gig® affiliate receives the paid commission.

The calling program also applies to newly enrolled Travel Gig® affiliates. A.I. agents will call to welcome each affiliate and explain the revolutionary “Powerline” model behind the company’s innovative Rewards Plan, highlighting the opportunity to Lock their Spot in the current weekly cycle which allows all of the customers referred by affiliates that enroll after them to count towards their own customer total. The agent is capable of engaging in live conversation to explain how they can earn shares in the customer pools and revenues from customers referred by all affiliates throughout the company.

The A.I. Calling program is fully integrated with the Travel Gig® mobile application, providing affiliates with live push notifications as the calls occur and the ability to drill into call details through the Customers and My Team modules of the app. The A.I. automatically generates a custom summary of each phone call based on the conversation for the affiliate to review, then a full word-for-word transcript of each call is also just a click away. When phone calls cannot be completed, the system will leave a perfectly tailored voicemail for each new customer, providing basic information and next steps.

While not required as part of the A.I. Calling program, the company’s very popular Customer Factory® program fits seamlessly alongside it. Participating Travel Gig® affiliates receive customers directly from the company resulting from viral advertising campaigns and can now have their very own personal A.I. agent make the follow up calls to each new customer. The system has been designed such that there is no technical limit to the number of outbound calls that are possible. It can support 100,000’s of concurrent calls every minute or more based on demand.

The release of the A.I. Calling program by Travel Gig® establishes yet another “first” in a long series of industry firsts by 212 Technologies® where the roots of its intellectual property go deep, all the way back to 1996. The innovative technology pioneered the fields of online lead generation, automated marketing, and search engine optimization years before social media companies or the “gig economy” even existed.

“We’ve always prioritized ‘high touch’ over ‘high tech’ with each new innovation we’ve brought to market,” remarked CTO, Mike Darling. “The A.I. Calling program isn’t meant to replace humans, it’s designed to do the heavy lifting and repeated mundane tasks for you so affiliates can focus on the higher priorities of relationships and building their business.”

The A.I. Calling program is now available by subscription to affiliates and will facilitate calls to newly enrolled HappiTravel® customers as well as newly referred Travel Gig® affiliates with full integration to the Travel Gig® mobile app.

“A.I. agents are never tired… never hungover… never in a fight with their spouse… or having a bad day!,” exclaimed President, Camaron Corr. “The technology provides a hyper-efficient layer to supplement the sales efforts of affiliates. The calls occur with tireless precision, providing affiliates yet another Unfair Advantage for calling Travel Gig home!”

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