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Kelsie Kimberlin Releases New Video Urging Americans And Ukrainians To Unite In Victory

Andriy and Kelsie Together

Andriy and Kelsie At Kyiv Train Station

Kelsie Kimberlin Is Strong

Kelsie Kimberlin In Irpin, Ukraine

Kelsie Kimberlin At The Ukrainian Embassy

Kelsie Kimberlin With Ukrainian Ambassador Markarova

The United States And Ukraine Are Bound Together By The Same Values For Freedom And Democracy

Now is the time for America to stand as one with Ukraine to defeat tyranny. Victory for Ukraine means continued freedom for Europe and the United States. It will be a shared victory with America.”
— Kelsie Kimberlin
WASHINGTON , DC, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2024 / -- Kelsie Kimberlin, a popular American-Ukrainian singer who strongly supports Ukraine with her voice and music videos, has just released a video urging all Americans to unite to support Ukraine in victory in its war against a terrorist invader. During WWII, important leaders and luminaries such as Winston Churchill and FDR called on citizens of the free world to unite to defeat fascism. Churchill used his speeches to the House of Commons to rally against Hitler during the grimmest moments of the war. Yet he not only urged the British people to come together for victory but also for her allies to do so, and he spoke to a joint session of Congress just 19 days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor to rally America to the cause. Like those terrible times, the free world is now facing a fascist regime that is terrorizing Ukraine and threatening the same to Europe. The storm clouds of WWIII are getting stronger each day that victory in Ukraine is delayed. Kelsie is speaking out now to help in that victory.

On February 22, 2024, Kelsie's 21-year-old cousin, Andriy Rachok, was killed by enemy fire on the front line near Avdivka, Ukraine after his battalion was unable to repel the attack due to a lack of ammunition. At that time, Kelsie vowed not to let Andriy's life be in vain. She began calling and meeting with Congress members and staff, and she met personally with the Ukrainian Ambassador in Washington, DC to discuss what more she could do to support Ukraine. After those meetings, Kelsie decided to create this new video called "Let The US And Ukraine Share In Victory."

"Now is the time for America to stand as one with Ukraine to defeat tyranny, whatever the cost. Freedom to all corners of Ukraine means continued freedom for Europe and the United States. Victory for Ukraine will be a shared victory with America. We are linked by the cause of freedom, and it is our honor and duty to carry the torch of freedom together," Kelsie says.

"Today, I am urging everyone, young and old, Republican and Democrat, to join in solidarity for Ukraine’s victory and the values that Americans have always embraced. We must face this challenge with the confidence that comes from being right. This is a just cause, a patriotic cause, and one that we can be proud of. So please, support Ukraine in every way you can. Call your Congress Members and tell them to stand unified with Ukraine. Let victory be our finest hour."

Congress is currently debating additional funding to help bring Ukraine closer to victory, and Kelsie strongly urges a strong bipartisan vote as soon as possible.

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Let The United States And Ukraine Share In Victory