ISSIP Announces 2024 Excellence in Service Innovation Awards for Impact to Business, Society and to Innovation

Deborah Stokes ISSIP Vice President 2023

Deb Stokes 2024 ISSIP President

Haroon Abbu, ISSIP Awards Chair

Haroon Abbu 2024 ISSIP Awards Chair


The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals

Eleven Additional Innovation Teams Earn Distinguished Service Recognition

This year’s submissions represented the best of industry, academia, NGO and government entities, with initiatives calibrated to benefit people, business and society in meaningful ways.”
— Deb Stokes, of Dell Technologies, and 2024 President of ISSIP
SANTA CLARA, CA, USA, April 9, 2024 / -- The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP), the membership organization advancing Service Innovation for our interconnected world, today announced the winners of the 2024 Excellence in Service Innovation and Distinguished Recognition Awards.

The ISSIP Excellence in Service Innovation award is given to an organization that has designed, developed, or deployed an innovation that will benefit business, society or innovation itself. Submissions undergo rigorous evaluation by ISSIP’s Awards Committee, composed of experts from industry and academia not affiliated with the submitting companies. Submissions are scored on the uniqueness, creativity, technical merit, value generation and impact of the innovative solution in each of three categories: ‘impact to business,’ ‘impact to society’ and ‘impact to innovation.’

"We are pleased to recognize the excellence of service innovation efforts underway in the ISSIP community. This year’s submissions represented the best of industry, academia, NGO and government entities, with initiatives calibrated to benefit people, business and/or society in meaningful ways,” said Deb Stokes of Dell Technologies, and 2024 President of ISSIP.

My thanks to the ISSIP community for submitting this year's highly impressive crop of innovations, and to our seven-judge panel for making the time to rigorously evaluate, rank and score the submissions," said Haroon Abbu (Bell & Howell SVP Digital and Data Analytics, and ISSIP Awards Chairperson).

Each award winning organization and team is invited to share their innovation project or initiative with the ISSIP Community, in ISSIP’s Weekly Speaker Series in the coming months. Recordings will be uploaded to ISSIP Youtube and the slides uploaded to ISSIP Slideshare, to foster learning and growth for all.

The 2024 ISSIP Excellence in Service Innovation Award winners are:

ISSIP Excellence in Service Innovation with Impact to Business
Innovation: SR Health
Summary: Helping TAC engineers and managers achieve true “proactive customer experience management” providing actionable insights for improving customer satisfaction and product quality.
Organization: Cisco Systems, Inc.

ISSIP Excellence in Service Innovation with Impact to Society
Innovation: Disability Inclusion in XR, Metaverse, and Web3
Summary: Helping tech providers across industries to engage people with disabilities and include them in in gaming, AR, VR, XR, Web3, and metaverse experiences.
Organization: Versd

ISSIP Excellence in Service Innovation with Impact to Innovation
Innovation: MedPearl: A Novel No-Code Knowledge Hub - Where Medical Knowledge Meets Patient Data
Summary: Helping primary care clinicians be more effective and efficient in treating patients, via a platform that needed to be no-code, highly trusted, and require no training to use.
Organization: Virtual Care and Digital Health, Providence St Joseph Health

ISSIP additionally awarded the following eleven Distinguished Recognition awards:

Innovation: Machine Learning Meets Mathematical Optimization
Organization: Cognitive Science Team, Demand Planning & Product Development in Demand Science Optimization Organization, Amazon Devices & Services
Summary: Interdisciplinary Applied Research Science for Adaptive Demand Optimization & Planning to shape supply and demand for Amazon Devices, and improve customer experience.

Innovation: Tech4Good Collaboratory: Scaling and Integrating Experiential Learning, Research, and Social Innovation
Organization: Tech4Good Lab at UC Santa Cruz
Summary: Tech4Good Collaboratory is a new approach to integrating student learning, academic research, product innovation, and community engagement.

Innovation: Fintech Incubator Challenge
Organization: Sound Credit Union and University of Washington Tacoma
Summary: A two-stage start up incubation program offered to students (stage 1) and the broader community (stage 2) with mentoring and cash prizes.

Innovation: Network Digital Twin
Organization: Cisco Systems
Summary: Helping network engineers to verify network upgrades or changes before implementing them in their production networks.

Innovation: The TRON Framework
Organization: Cisco Systems
Summary: Transforms complex data into actionable intelligence, enabling predictive analytics to anticipate customer issues, thereby setting new standards for proactive service.

Innovation: Innovative Engineering Transformation at Scale
Organization: United Health Group
Summary: “Game of Scrums" innovation weaves gamification seamlessly into agile practices without disrupting ongoing workflows.

Innovation: Cenoa: Revolutionizing Financial Stability
Organization: Cenoa PTE LTD
Summary: Cenoa stands out as a non-custodial, decentralized super wallet, uniquely designed to combat inflation and currency devaluation.

Innovation: The Digital Diaspora
Organization: HAT Community Foundation and Dataswyft (collaboration)
Summary: The Diaspora Project is an open innovation project that offers an inclusive and accessible way of providing self-sovereign digital IDs to people from all over the world.

Innovation: AI-powered empathetic tutors
Organization: Juji
Summary: Cognitive AI technology that allows the virtual tutor to hold deep, meaningful conversations that only a person could previously conduct.

Innovation: SmartFind: AI-Powered Product Search Engine
Organization: Obase
Summary: AI-powered search engine that delivers fast, relevant results to increase conversion rates by offering a unique on-site search experience to e-commerce customers.

Innovation: NVAssist - AI Workplace Assistant
Organization: Collaboration between NVIDIA and UCSC HCI MS program
Summary: An AI chatbot that reduces the need for users to navigate and switch between multiple workplace applications, streamlining daily work tasks.

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