Native Americans & Italian Americans Will Hold Second “Solidarity Session – Bridging Cultures Against Cancel Culture”


IAOVC & NAGA Hold Second Solidarity Session - "Bridging Cultures Against Cancel Culture" - Join the video call April 14 - 7 PM EDT - Register at

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NORTHVALE, NJ, US, April 4, 2024 / -- Following on the success of the first Solidarity Session held in March, The Italian American One Voice Coalition (“IAOVC”), America’s largest independent Italian American anti-bias organization, and The Native American Guardian’s Association (“NAGA”), advocating for increased education about Native Americans, jointly announce the second in a series of collaborative sessions bringing Native American, Italian American and other communities together to oppose the pervasive threat of cancel culture. These “Solidarity Sessions – Bridging Cultures Against Cancel Culture” aim to foster understanding, promote dialogue and build solidarity among diverse groups facing challenges from cultural erasure and historical revisionism.

Cancel culture has increasingly become a concerning phenomenon in today's society. It often overlooks the complexities of history and cultural context, leading to the silencing of voices and the erasure of important narratives.

Native American and Italian American communities share a common experience of marginalization and misrepresentation in mainstream discourse. Both groups have faced historical injustices and stereotypes that continue to impact their communities today. By joining forces, they aim to confront the harmful effects of cancel culture and reclaim their narratives.

“Our first Solidarity Session was a great success,” stated Eunice Davidson, President and a founding member of NAGA. “We were able to share our cultural experiences and history and learn more about each other. More of this is needed in our country today.”

Participants in the first Solidarity Session had discussions and cultural exchanges. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue, learn from each other's perspectives, and develop actionable strategies to address the challenges posed by cancel culture.

Andre DiMino, President of IAOVC commented, "It was very rewarding to see this effort come to fruition. We are continuing to foster this progress among our cultures and hope to see many others join in the next and succeeding Solidarity Sessions.”

The next Solidarity Session will take place via Zoom on Sunday, April 14, 2024 at 7 PM Eastern. Members of the Native American and Italian American communities, as well as allies and supporters, are encouraged to attend and participate in this important dialogue.
Reservation is required. A new website has been launched for the Solidarity Sessions where you can click a link to submit a reservation. Visit

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