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Weiner Opeds H1/H2 in OEN, Missed Dem Healthcare Message, Real ID Dangers; Radio-FBI Must Ask Trump About Violent Tweets

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2024 / -- Recent op-eds by Weiner in March 2024 were ranked H1 and H2 on Oped News, covering topics ranging from the dangers of Real ID to the missed messaging opportunities in Democratic healthcare initiatives. Several articles were published in the Palm Beach Post, LaborPress, and Maui News. Additionally, Weiner did Radio-TV interviews, including appearances on Britain's GBN, where he called for Secret Service and FBI interviews regarding Trump's tweets potentially inciting violence against Biden; and Main Street Radio Network concerning a Weiner oped pointing to privacy dangers of TSA's Real-ID requirement.

The latest op-ed titled "Democrats are Mismanaging their Obamacare Message. It's Not Just for the Poor,” by Robert Weiner and Gene Lambey was first published on March 18, 2024, in the Palm Beach Post, and reprinted in Gannett, and It was printed again in OpEd News on March 19th, and given H1 status (#1 oped nationally). The piece examines the Democrats' and other advocates' Affordable Care Act's messaging strategy, arguing for a more inclusive message that acknowledges the law's benefits for everyone, not just the poor and uninsured. See for Palm Beach Post:
See for OpEd News:

Another piece, published on March 15th, by Weiner and Ben Kearney, titled "Update to Real IDs: A Costly Effort Still Dangerous to Privacy After Delays,” achieved the prestigious H1 ranking (#1 nationwide) on OpEd News. In their analysis, the authors argue that the proposed updates to REAL-ID pose a significant security threat and entail substantial implementation costs. They advocate for additional delay if not complete removal of REAL-ID to safeguard the privacy and security of US residents who travel. See for OpEd News:

The third op-ed, "FTC Should Do More to Prevent Foreign Business Takeovers from Conflicted Countries,” by Weiner and Ben Kearney, was published on March 10, in LaborPress and reprinted with H2 rank in OpEd News. The article urges the Federal Trade Commission to take a stronger stance against foreign business takeovers in steel, golf, and properties from countries like China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. See for LaborPress:
See for OpEd News:

Highlighting the spirit of Maui recovery and resilience, the op-ed "Annual Stomp Out Hunger Race Demonstrates Resilience of Maui Community After Fires" by Weiner and Ting Cui was published on March 15, in The Maui News. The piece delves into the strength exhibited by the Lahaina community in the aftermath of the fires, showcasing the 7th Annual Stomp Out Hunger Race and the impactful efforts of Mary Trotto at the local food organization Hale Kau Kau. See for The Maui News:

Additionally, there were two radio-TV interviews done this week:

On March 31st, Weiner and Kearney were interviewed live about their recent article on Real ID and the legacy of the late Joe Lieberman by host Joseph Patterson on Main Street Radio.
See for segment 1:
See for segment 2:

On April 1st, Weiner spoke with Mark Dolan on Britain’s GBN Live, advocating for the Secret Service and FBI to interview Donald Trump, as they would for any other American, regarding tweets and statements of potential incitement to violence against the incumbent President. Weiner emphasized Trump's responsibility for his rhetoric, citing a video featuring Biden hog-tied in the back of a truck, and Trump's ominous reference to a "bloodbath" if Biden were to win in 2024. Weiner added during the segment, "He knows what he's doing. He's the guy that brought us the bashing in the Capitol.”
See for GBN Live:
GBN Transcript:

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