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Senior News: The Funny Papers

Press release from Senior News:

april senior news front page

The April edition of Senior News gets a little CRAZY with its annual April Fools humor issue. It’s “The Funny Papers” edition, hitting all the best newsstands on Thursday (if the lazy paper boy gets out of bed) and online by Friday.

When is it not a good thing to laugh? Depending on your view of the world and life and your general disposition, you may laugh a little or a lot with the contributors to this month’s issue. As my mother taught me, “De gustibus non disputandum est,” which, of course, everyone knows means, “There’s no accounting for taste” — a truism in desserts, life, politics and humor.

This month’s Senior News will tickle your tastes and your funny bones (not your politics). Available (FREE!) at all great Humboldt newsstands on Thursday (3/28) and online by Friday (3/29) at under the Senior News tab. Or you could always throw us a bone and buy a subscription — 12 issues/year for just $36. Call and talk to Debbie (who is delightful on any topic whenever you want to talk to her) at 707-433-9747.

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