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Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) Facilitates Data Training Initiative for Niue Tourism Sector

Pacific Tourism Organisation hosted a week-long Data Training initiative in consultation with Niue Tourism and the Niue Chamber of Commerce to enhance the capabilities of the private sector, tourism, and government stakeholders in Alofi, Niue.

This training, conducted by SPTO, focused on best practices for collecting essential tourism-related data, reflecting a cross-sectoral approach to data collection and analysis.

The Pacific Tourism Data Initiative (PTDI) by SPTO aims to gather and analyse tourism data for sustainable tourism development in the region. It includes the implementation of a Digital Measurement and Benchmarking Dashboard, setting standards for marketing and sustainable tourism indicators in the Pacific.

The PTDI project covers ten Pacific Island nations. It produces reports such as the International Visitor Survey (IVS), Business Confidence Index (BCI), and Community Attitude Survey (CAS) to provide insights into community awareness and attitudes towards tourism.

Through this initiative, SPTO is committed to supporting evidence-based planning and decision-making in Niue’s tourism sector.

Niue Tourism Chief Executive Officer Micah Fuhiniu-Viviani highlighted the importance of understanding analytics data collection, and what the benefits would be for Niue as a country.

“For those who did attend, we managed to gain some insight into different ways of data collection, and how to read the data. It was beneficial for some of my team at Niue Tourism to understand the importance of data collection, and how it can relate to each of our roles. I was also thankful for the opportunity for some of our government departments and stakeholders to meet one-on-one with the SPTO team and gain some insight into the importance and relevance of data collection and up-to-date data collection,” Ms Fuhiniu-Viviani.