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Manchester to Host Timely Conferences on Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics and UK Circular Plastics Packaging 2024

2nd Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics

2nd Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics

UK Circular Plastics Packaging 2024

UK Circular Plastics Packaging 2024

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, March 6, 2024 / -- In an era where sustainability is paramount, two leading conferences, the 2nd Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics Conference and the UK Circular Plastics Packaging Conference, are set to convene from March 11-13, 2024, in Manchester. This dynamic duo of events promises to explore cutting-edge solutions, address pressing challenges, and foster collaboration within the realm of plastics innovation and circular economy practices.

**Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics 11-12 March: Pioneering Solutions for a Sustainable Future**

The 2nd Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics Conference, supported by the Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA), will delve into the critical question: Are compostable and biodegradable plastics the silver bullet to plastics waste? With the ban on single-use plastics looming, stakeholders across industries are turning to these alternative materials. Key topics include the viability of compostable plastics in waste management systems, the role of infrastructure in their effective treatment, and the environmental impact assessment through life cycle analysis.

Highlighted sessions will explore the current landscape of bio-based and compostable packaging materials, innovative technologies in scaling up biodegradable plastics, and the latest advancements in utilizing natural, plant-based materials. Additionally, attendees will gain insights into groundbreaking initiatives such as the extraction of biomethane from compost waste for sustainable renewable gas production.

**UK Circular Plastics Packaging 12-13 March: Charting the Course for a Circular Economy**

Commencing simultaneously as a shared half day session on the morning of 12 March, the UK Circular Plastics Packaging Conference will offer updates on the UK plastics packaging regulations and initiatives aimed at achieving a sustainable circular economy. With ambitious targets set for 2030, including the re-use, recycling, and recovery of all plastic packaging, this conference will examine the progress and challenges faced by the industry.

Key discussions will revolve around recent legislations such as the Plastic Packaging Tax and the ban on Single Use Plastics, as well as upcoming reforms in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS). Experts will analyze the effectiveness of these measures in driving innovation and tackling plastic packaging waste.

**Unlocking Value: Bundle Option Available**

Attendees are offered a unique opportunity to attend both conferences, benefiting from a comprehensive exploration of the latest advancements and regulatory landscapes in the realm of sustainable plastics. While each conference is separately bookable, the bundle option presents a holistic approach to understanding the challenges and opportunities in transitioning towards a circular economy.

**Meet Our Esteemed Speakers**

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with esteemed speakers, including:
• Dr. Jen Vanderhoven, Chief Operating Officer, BBIA (Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association)
• Ann Ballinger, Principal Consultant, Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd
• Craig Sterling, CEO, CuanTec Ltd
• Carlo Fedeli, CEO and Founder, FlexSea
• Gaëlle Cavalie, Marketing & Sales Officer, Normec OWS
• Alessandro Dulli, Global Key Account Director, Polymateria Limited
• Scott Thompson, Head of R&D, Xampla
• Sophie Macedo, Business & Partnerships Director, Carbiolice

And many more industry leaders, innovators, and experts committed to driving sustainable solutions.

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