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Doty Performance Announces Star Leadership Program: Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

Sherwood Oregon Dance Studio

Sherwood Oregon Dance Studio

Doty Performance Dance Studio Star Program

Doty Performance Dance Studio Star Program

Doty Performance Dance Class Students

Doty Performance Dance Class Students

Step Into the Spotlight: Elevating Dance Studio and Dance Class Excellence Through Star Leadership Program.

Our mission at Doty Performance extends beyond dance education. We aim to use dance as a means to cultivate leadership qualities and positive values in our students.”
— Rachel Doty

SHERWOOD, OREGON, USA, February 28, 2024 / -- Doty Performance Dance Studio proudly presents its Star Leadership Program. This program is crafted to develop the future leaders of tomorrow through dance classes that incorporate the five key points of the star: Trust, Serve, Love, Growth, and Excellence. With a focus on these foundational values, the Dance Studio is committed to empowering young individuals to overcome life's challenges with resilience, leadership, and compassion.

The Star Leadership Program differentiates itself by providing dance classes that do more than teach dance techniques; they are designed to foster character and leadership skills in children. Participants learn to manage stress and anxiety, embrace gratitude, and apply principles of servant leadership. The program offers a variety of interactive dance classes, workshops, camps, and more, ensuring that students not only improve their dance abilities but also learn valuable life lessons that extend beyond the dance studio.

"Our mission at Doty Performance extends beyond dance education. We aim to use dance as a means to cultivate leadership qualities and positive values in our students," stated founder Rachel Doty. "Through the Star Leadership Program, we are dedicated to creating a supportive environment where students can grow to become confident, caring, and exemplary leaders."

Doty Performance offers a wide array of dance styles, catering to students from preschool through advanced levels, including genres such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Mini Dance Team, and Musical Theater. Each dance class emphasizes not only technical skills but also the importance of discipline, professionalism, and the core values of the Star Leadership Program.

Registration for the Youth Summer Camp begins March 1st, offering young dancers an opportunity for growth, learning, and fun. The enrollment process is streamlined into four simple steps: selecting a dance style, finding a suitable class, enrolling online, and adhering to the dress code, ensuring a seamless initiation into the dance journey.

Doty Performance's Star Leadership Program is more than a series of dance lessons; it is a comprehensive pathway to nurturing confident, capable, and compassionate leaders for the future. By combining an innovative curriculum with a supportive environment, Doty Performance sets a new standard in dance education and leadership development.

About Doty Performance:
Located in Sherwood, Oregon, Doty Performance is at the cutting edge of dance education, emphasizing both artistic excellence and leadership development. With a diverse range of dance styles and an innovative curriculum, Doty Performance is committed to fostering the growth of young dancers as both artists and leaders.

Join the transformative journey at Doty Performance with the Star Leadership Program – where every child is empowered to shine.

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Let loose and be inspired: Doty Performance dance studio in Sherwood, Oregon.