Author Laurie Robinson Haden Offers Ways to Handle Finances in Her Book “It’s Time to Shine”

New Book It's Time to Shine

Author Laurie Haden Robinson

Amazon Best Seller

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, February 17, 2024 / -- In Laurie Robinson Haden's new book, "It's Time to Shine," (chapter 8), attorney and author Laurie compels the reader to look closely at their money and consider what type of sustainable financial plan they have in place. “A title is great. So is a large corner office. However, nothing beats having enough money in the bank to retire comfortably. Money is something that makes you feel safe.”

While not claiming expertise in finance, it becomes clear that a vital initial step involves carefully examining one's financial situation and crafting a detailed financial roadmap. A key suggestion is to build a steadfast partnership with a reliable financial advisor. Such collaborations often prove invaluable, guiding individuals through the intricate landscape of financial decisions.

"It's Time to Shine" earnestly highlights the undeniable importance of skillful negotiation for oneself alongside the support of a trusted ally. The benefits of such proactive measures promise to multiply, resulting in a retirement enriched by the rewards of thoughtful financial planning.

For those leveraging their bonus earnings and stock awards, maintaining untouched base pay becomes a testament to financial savvy. However, exploring alternative employment options is suggested for those not privy to such incentives. For the talented entrepreneur, use your God-given talents to open up a pathway to additional income streams.

Laurie also encourages readers to pass on positive financial strategies to the next generation or heirs. Teach them financial responsibility at an early age so they do not blow through their inheritance in a short period of time.

Regardless of one's current position or income, a steadfast commitment to a debt reduction strategy emerges as a universal necessity. This proactive approach ensures a resilient foundation for future financial success in the dynamic fabric of financial planning.

About: Laurie Robinson Haden is an esteemed attorney who worked for nearly two decades as a senior leader in the law department of CBS Corporation (now Paramount +) and is an author renowned for her commitment to empowering professionals of color. Her book, "It's Time to Shine: A Guide for Professionals of Color on How to Advance Their Career," embodies her dedication to fostering personal and professional growth among diverse communities.

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