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Blake Lehman: He Found Peace

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Blake Lehman

Blake Lehman

On January 9th at 8:08pm Blake Lehman found peace.

Blake was born in Los Angeles July 19 1961 and moved to Humboldt County with his family in 1963.

He was the youngest child of Syd and Diane Lehman.

Blake graduated from South Fork in 1979 and still counted many of his classmates among his friends.

He loved Southern Humboldt.
Raised by parents who understood the importance of being of service, Blake was an active member of the community and particularly passionate about education.

It was rarely necessary for you to ask his opinion.
Despite his love of debate, he had an endless well of forgiveness, and was always willing to help.
His laughter was bold and contagious and he was quick to see the humor in small things.
He found happiness in the beauty of the King Range, and driving the coastal highways.

Blake was loyal and he loved deeply.

Above all else being a Father brought him more joy and the deepest love he would ever experience.

Blake was preceded in death by his Nephew Sean Epperly,  and by his parents.

He is survived by his sons Isaac and Parker Lehman, his siblings, Brooke Epperly and Craig Lehman, his nephews and Neices Ryan and Colleen Epperly, Kyle, Ashley, Carly, and Cale Lehman; Great nephews Adian Ayers and Truen Dalton.
The others he left behind were each a truly treasured part of his life. To make a list risks diminishing the love he had for any I may forget. So I will say that you know who you are.

His legacy is one of gratitude and kindness. He was always able to find a way to be thankful, even when he struggled the hardest, and he never stopped reaching out to help others.

He is deeply missed.