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Discovered.TV Becomes the World’s First Gamified Streaming Platform

Discovered.TV Becomes the World’s First Gamified Streaming Platform

Discovered.TV Becomes the World’s First Gamified Streaming Platform

Discovered.TV is now the world’s first and only gamified streaming platform, ensuring increased creator revenue through interactive audience-building games.

SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 8, 2024 / -- This week, Discovered.TV is set to embrace the world of gamification, introducing both fans and creators to a new realm of entertainment, where the two worlds meet.

Discovered.TV will now be a first-to-market gamified streaming platform. Powered by Microsoft technology, the platform will leverage gamification to introduce creators to new audiences and vice-versa, through interactive, ice-breaker games designed to level up the overall streaming experience.

Discovered.TV is a fully ad-supported, Black-owned global streaming company. It is a multi-channel video program distributor (MVPD) that allows musicians, actors, filmmakers, TV producers, and all other content creators alike to collaborate and generate revenue. It is a patented ECSP (Enhanced Content Sharing Platform).

The Discovered gamification initiative is an effort to build a dynamic space for creators and fans to thrive around content. As the creator landscape continues to evolve rapidly, Discovered.TV aims to provide a lucrative, equal-opportunity platform that helps creators get discovered. A major component of this initiative will be the ‘Discovered Weekly Challenge’ — a trailblazing beta program that helps creators use games to build up their scores and come out winners, all toward the goal of letting fans discover and engage with their content.

Founded in 2019 by industry veterans, Charles Pankey and Kenneth Yould (a.k.a. Skeeter Marazzo), Discovered.TV is a free platform for creators that operates on a truly equitable revenue share model (50-50 revenue distribution between the creator and platform), with compensation directly supported by global advertising revenue. The platform serves as a one-stop solution for people to find, connect, and collaborate with fans and like-minded creators, all co-existing within the same hub.

At Discovered.TV, the vision was to build an all-encompassing destination for content creation. To take this forward, the gamification initiative — built upon months of R&D, A/B testing, and creator-centric strategizing — will help creators experience better monetization opportunities from the content they pour their heart and soul into. Moreover, the gamification also caters to the ‘fans’ side of things, incentivizing them to discover creators as they go. To that end, Discovered.TV will host two Weekly Challenges simultaneously, introducing new features and game elements periodically.

Discovered.TV’s content is focused simply and solely on providing entertainment. No cat videos, no unboxing…this is actual entertainment content, posted by the very people who have created it. This allows fans, brands, entertainment companies, and content creators to find one another and collaborate, hassle-free.

Discovered’s gamification is arriving this week. Sign up and get ready to find fresh content creators from your favorite genres. And if you’re a creator, strap in! Sign up on Discovered, start posting your content, and prepare to win the Weekly Challenges.

The Discovered.TV platform is supported by a global advertising revenue model. There is no cost to the viewer and the revenue is shared with the creator of the content.

In addition to the website (, Discovered.TV applications can be downloaded on iOS, Android, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Samsung (Tizen).

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA., Discovered.TV is a patented ECSP (Enhanced Content Sharing Platform) owned by DISCOVERED USA, Inc.

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