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Integration Technologies, Inc. (dba) InterWeave SMARTSolutions announces the SmartTracks Program for CRM Integration

InterWeave SMARTSolutions

InterWeave SMARTSolutions

The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM is comprised of Solutions that help connect and integrate assets across our customers’ enterprise in real-time.

The key to the InterWeave SmartTracks Program is the Solutions are Pre-configured with Standard CRM Objects. Each Edition comes with different configuration selections and features.”
— Bruce Magown, CEO
ESSEX, CT, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2024 / -- Integration Technologies, Inc. (dba) InterWeave SmartSolutions is pleased to announce the InterWeave SmartTracks Program. Automating CRM Integration in a configurable, intelligent way, conforming to your business process and workflow, helps support your customers smarter and faster; pre-configured with four (4) editions.

InterWeave's vision has always been to focus on the customer’s needs and consistently provide innovative solutions. The newest offering is the InterWeave SmartTracks Program, encapsulating 17 years of experience into Pre-configured Solutions which seamlessly integrate your Salesforce and Creatio CRM with a variety of financial applications, including popular platforms like QuickBooks, Sage and MS Dynamics. Companies now can effortlessly integrate their CRM with Financial Applications to streamline invoicing, process payments and automate revenue recognition processes, enhancing their overall operational efficiency and financial accuracy.

The key to the InterWeave SmartTracks Program is the Solutions are Pre-configured with Standard CRM Objects. Each Edition comes with different configuration selections and features, allowing businesses to select the one that best suits their specific needs and budget. For example, the Editions include features like real-time data synchronization, customizable workflows, and support for multiple integration directions, providing a complete, expansive and thoroughly tested Solution on day one.

Our Technology Approach
o Integrate your Application Data using Configuration, supporting Business Process and Workflow.
o The InterWeave Platform brings together disparate systems. Data that lives in external Financial Applications, Merchant Service Providers, Staffing, eCommerce, ERP etc. – in the cloud or on-premises — providing a unified view of all data. InterWeave's robust Solutions and powerful API’s dramatically reduce the integration time to unlock, modernize and connects with back-office and cloud systems.

Configurable Integration Solutions and API Connectivity Management
o The InterWeave Platform uses open API’s based on industry standards like REST, SOAP and Web Services, so integration is easy between InterWeave and external endpoints, such as apps or enterprise integration hubs. InterWeave’s Configurable Integration Solutions and Open API’s can connect through standard data protocols are optimized to manage loading and deleting large sets of data.

Workflow, Process-Driven Solutions
o InterWeave works in concert with CRMs complex business process automation. As CRM Workflows collect data and process, InterWeave accesses this data at any step during the process, so Integration can be streamlined to communicate efficiently with the systems it is communicating with.

Integrated Customer Portals
o InterWeave Portals consist of a Header, Body and Footer which reflect brand images, and the content is directly integrated with the CRM Objects. Refined for Mobile, the Portal provides customers a self-help vehicle to resolve requests, pay bills, check Support Tickets and more, on their own – with data sourced from multiple locations – all in real-time.

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About Integration Technologies, Inc., (dba) InterWeave SmartSolutions

InterWeave is the leader in on-demand SMARTSolutions that integrate any application, process, gateway, protocol, customer (partner) in the world. We make it easy for customers to create integrated solutions that are specific to their requirements. Companies worldwide now have real-time information flow, tighter employee collaboration and improved strategic business decision capabilities. Unlike traditional enterprise software alternatives, SMARTSolutions require no hardware, software or IT support, deploy in days and have the right model for each customer. InterWeave SMARTSolutions — The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM.

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Introducing the InterWeave SmartTracks Program