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Cercare Medical Software Implemented at Fondation Rothschild Hospital

Rotchild & cercare medical

Cercare Medical's stroke imaging software, CERCARE STROKE, is now enhancing patient care at Fondation Rothschild Hospital for over 1,000 stroke cases annually.

AARHUS C, DANEMARK, January 30, 2024 / -- Cercare Medical is proud to announce that Paris-based

Fondation Rothschild Hospital has adopted Cercare Medical’s latest stroke imaging solution

CERCARE STROKE with the help of a grant from ARS (Agence Régionale de Santé Ile-de-France). Cercare Medical’s brain perfusion technology measures blood flows and provides crucial information on tissue damage in acute ischemic stroke cases where quicker intervention minimizes brain damage. Additionally, its AI solution facilitates clinical decision-making. CERCARE STROKE provides a complete stroke workflow decision support solution.

The hospital's initiative represents a significant progress in improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in the field of neuroradiology. Dr. Savatovsky, Deputy Head of Diagnostic Neuroradiology Department at F. Rothschild, states "We adopted this solution for its precision and quality which provides insights to select the most appropriate therapies in clinical routines. We anticipate improved care and better outcomes for stroke patients."

The unique CT and MRI maps from Cercare Medical streamline decision-making, expedite patient care, and provide essential information to hospitals of all sizes, supporting the goal to reduce treatment time and improve patient care. At Fondation Rothschild Hospital, the maps from Cercare Medical will also be useful to assess tissue pathology for other diseases, for example in neurooncology, vasospasm and dementia.

According to Henrik Andersen, Chief Commercial Officer at Cercare Medical, the perfusion software is already in use by clinicians and leading research facilities all over the world and is receiving praise for both reducing clinical time and improving patient treatment.

The CERCARE STROKE software module is a key part of the comprehensive CERCARE MEDICAL NEUROSUITE, a suite of image processing software products tailored for various applications within the field of neuroradiology.

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