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Enthea and Soft Reboot Wellness Unite to Transform Mental Health in the Bay Area with Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Logo of SoftReboot Wellness featuring an artistic representation of a brain transforming into a bird, symbolizing freedom and rejuvenation through ketamine therapy in the Bay Area.

SoftReboot Wellness: Pioneering Ketamine Therapy in the Bay Area for a Healthier, Revitalized Community

Enthea logo, representing a commitment to advanced mental health solutions and innovative therapeutic approaches in healthcare.

Enthea Logo: Symbolizing a New Era in Mental Health Care and Innovative Therapies

Dr. Sara Herman, MD, ABOIM of Soft Reboot Wellness Champions Ketamine Therapy in Landmark Partnership with Enthea for Bay Area Mental Health Advancement

Through our partnership with Enthea, we're elevating mental health care in the Bay Area with pioneering ketamine therapy.”
— Dr. Sara Herman, MD, ABOIM
MENLO PARK, CA, USA, January 11, 2024 / -- Soft Reboot Wellness is excited to announce its collaboration with Enthea, an employee benefits company specializing in coverage for Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAT) services. This partnership allows Soft Reboot Wellness to offer California businesses the opportunity to provide their employees with innovative and accessible treatment options.

Enthea stands out for its specialized benefit plans in psychedelic healthcare, boasting a network of experienced KAT practitioners. The organization focuses on fair access to quality care. Enthea's plans cater to forward-thinking companies concerned about their workforce's mental health. These plans are appealing due to the effectiveness of psychedelic-assisted therapy in enhancing workplace mental health, leading to lower medical costs, increased productivity, and better employee retention.

Founded by Dr. Sara Herman, MD, ABOIM, Soft Reboot Wellness is dedicated to making KAT and psychedelic-assisted therapy available to all. The clinic offers a range of services, including preparation, integration, and internal family systems coaching, all part of a holistic, whole-person approach. This approach encompasses various therapies consistent with holistic care principles.

Dr. Sara and her team also offer ultrasound-guided stellate ganglion blocks, a unique service that supports clients with PTSD and other conditions benefiting from the calming of an overactive sympathetic nervous system.

"We're committed to delivering comprehensive mental health services, overcoming significant barriers to effective treatment for conditions like anxiety, depression, and trauma," stated Dr. Sara Herman. "Our collaboration with Enthea aligns with our mission to provide holistic and innovative treatments, including psychedelic-assisted therapy."

Sherry Rais, CEO and co-founder of Enthea, comments, "Our partnership with Soft Reboot Wellness marks an important step in enabling California businesses to offer these advanced treatments. Dr. Herman's expertise in integrative and holistic medicine, combined with our efforts, will significantly alleviate the impacts of mental health disorders in participating companies." Enthea's coverage extends to employees and their families at companies opting for Enthea benefit plans.

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