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Canvass AI with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Provides Copilot Capabilities to Build Repeatable Industrial AI Solutions

Canvass AI now integrates Generative AI copilot capabilities to empower industrial engineers with unparalleled ease of use.

Integration of AOAI Delivers Empowered User Experience, Unparalleled Ease of Use

Canvass AI software introduces ground-breaking capabilities that collectively redefine the landscape of data interaction and manipulation.”
— Humera Malik, CEO, Canvass AI

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, December 7, 2023 / -- Industrial AI software leader Canvass AI in working with Microsoft OpenAI labs leverages the power of Azure OpenAI (AOAI) for copilot automation capabilities in its industrial AI software. Accessible from anywhere within the Canvass AI software, the integration of AOAI delivers an empowered user experience and unparalleled ease of use for implementing repeatable AI Solutions.

“Empowering industrial engineers with unprecedented efficiency, our Canvass AI software introduces ground-breaking capabilities that collectively redefine the landscape of data interaction and manipulation. Together, these capabilities not only drive innovation but establish a foundation for reliable, repeatable, and scalable solutions, empowering users to navigate the complexities of AI-driven workflows with unprecedented ease,” said Humera Malik, CEO Canvass AI.

“Industry software integration with powerful LLMs such as those from Azure OpenAI offers more than just a chatbot interface,” said Joe Lamming, industry analyst at independent research and advisory firm Verdantix. “Determining the relevance of data from across disparate industrial systems can be hugely complex – so using LLMs to distil such analysis in automated information retrieval systems offers operations and maintenance decision-makers access to unparalleled situational awareness.”

Canvass AI brings its industrial AI expertise to Microsoft Azure OpenAI, focusing on transformative applications for process manufacturers. Through recent collaborative efforts, the Canvass AI and Microsoft teams explored various challenges and use cases, culminating in the release of these AOAI-powered features:

• Visualization Copilot: The Visualization Copilot transforms data effortlessly into impactful visualizations through intuitive voice or text commands, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly approach to data analysis. This capability reimagines data interaction, allowing users to transform data into various formats like graphs, charts, or maps. For example, the user can ask for the average temperature each month and the software will display it in the most informative and impactful visual.

• Synthetic Data Copilot: Synthetic Data Copilot delivers insights by enabling users to create new datasets seamlessly, promoting an iterative and adaptive model improvement process. Revolutionizing data manipulation, this capability empowers users to work with lean data use cases. For instance, users can request average vibration data over a custom time frame, and the software seamlessly generates this new data set, redefining efficiency and precision in data analysis.

• Canvass AI Assistant: This AI-driven chatbot revolutionizes access to the Canvass AI software for industrial engineers. Operating like a chatbot-driven knowledge companion that streamlines access to critical information, delivering instant answers and enhancing the user experience. The on-demand tool transforms how engineers interact with and utilize the Canvass AI software for maximum efficiency and insight.

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Canvass AI puts industrial companies in control of their data to achieve operational excellence. Designed to be readily accessible and quick to deploy, companies use Canvass AI’s patented software for high performance decision making, to future-proof operations, and drive net-zero targets. Backed by Alphabet, and Yamaha Motor Ventures, the company is recognized by CB Insights as one of the top technology companies that is advancing manufacturing.

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