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I-ON Communications offers an integrated operation management platform for non-face-to-face recreational sports events

An example screen of the automated sports video extraction service │Provided by I-ON Communications

An example screen of the automated sports video extraction service │Provided by I-ON Communications

Korea Mid Amateur Golf Federation (KMAGF) management page│Provided by I-ON Communications

Korea Mid Amateur Golf Federation (KMAGF) management page│Provided by I-ON Communications

SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA (SOUTH), December 4, 2023 / -- I-ON Communications (CEO, Oh Jae-Chul), which was selected in the category of business for the ‘2023 Non-face-to-face leading service activation project in the life-based field’ by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), has been in the business of CMS solutions based on unstructured data processing for more than 20 years, and entered the service business in the sports field in 2016 based on various forms of data processing technology. The company is an integrated ticket service business operator of KLPGA and has launched and applied an operation management service platform for small and medium-sized association organizations in Korea. In addition, it is using its automated sports video extraction service to various sports events, from amateur to elite sports. It is commercializing its service platform to apply it to the sports field. Also, I-ON Communications is engaged in various business areas, such as energy, e-signature, promotional marketing platforms, and multimedia content management platforms.

As its leading service, the company provides website management solutions for most companies in Korea through its CMS business. Its main business area is the integrated management and operation of various service websites of financial companies.

The headquarters in charge of the energy business was spun off into a subsidiary called ‘EIPGIRD,’ and the e-signature service ‘WIDSIGN’ unit and the online promotional marketing service ‘METAFLYER’ unit were also spun off into subsidiaries. In 2016, ST Headquarters, which provides sports IT services, focused on digitizing the sports domain based on unstructured data processing technology. The company supports IT systems that bring sports closer to daily life by transforming analog data into digital data in the sports field.

An official from I-ON Communications explained the background of the development of the sports organization operation management service platform, saying, “As small and medium-sized sports organizations have been doubly consuming time and staffing while operating games in an analog way, they had limitations in running more games and in the number of participants. Thus, we wanted to provide a service that allows more people to participate through digitalization.

“We created the service with the hope of invigorating recreational sports through it, and to move away from the text-based, boring customer service and provide video services based on multimedia content, we developed an automated video extraction service from the entire game video for individuals and applied it to the golf area first,” the official added.

Currently, the Korean sports market is centered on professional sports. Still, I-ON Communications aims to expand into the club sports area by providing recreational, school, and even elite sports services. In addition, integrating sports events extends from classifying sports events to a personalized sports service platform. In addition, it will grasp the current status of analog sports operations overseas, mainly in the United States, where sports are becoming a way of life. It will be able to provide services specifically to club sports fields.

I-ON Communications has signed service use agreements with the KMAGF and the Korea Taekwondo Demonstration & Culture Association in Korea and is working with sports association organizations, including KOREA3X3. Overseas-wise, the company is in talks with the YMCA and club sports.

“We will expand our services to Korean sports association organizations and club sports teams. We targeted these markets because providing services to small and medium-sized association organizations with less staffing and a lower budget is easy. It is easy to apply to them because those markets either do not have an existing service system or use ancient services. We are planning to sell to association organizations based on the application of the service to small and medium-sized association organizations in Korea, as well as sell the service applied to golf to VIP golf events of Korean automobile companies,” the official said.

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (Director Heo Seong-wook, hereafter ‘NIPA’) is promoting the “2023 Activation of Digital Services in Public Convenience Sectors” to encourage the spread of contact-free services in areas close to people’s lives, such as business, household consumption, education/evaluation, and wellness/health in response to the endemic era. Starting in 2021, this project has selected and supported vital investment areas requiring an urgent digital transition due to the accelerated shift to a digital-focused economy and society in the post-COVID-19 era. I-ON Communications has been selected in the business category.

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