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Multics envisions corporate social values with a smart, barrier-free service through technology and content development

A model of new barrier-free technology by Multics | Image Courtesy - Multics

A model of new barrier-free technology by Multics | Image Courtesy - Multics

A model of new barrier-free technology by Multics | Image Courtesy - Multics

A model of new barrier-free technology by Multics | Image Courtesy - Multics

DAEJEON, REPUBLIC OF KOREA (SOUTH), December 4, 2023 / -- Multics (CEO Yu Seung-su), which was selected in the category of consumption in living for the ‘2023 Non-face-to-face leading service activation project in the life-friendly field’ by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), was a social venture company established in 2011. The company focuses on developing barrier-free technologies for visually impaired and deaf people and the non-disabled (from now on referred to as barrier-free) using AI-based intelligent information technology such as Korean sign language motion recognition and voice recognition and synthesis. As a vision, the company strives to create corporate social value by developing technologies that can provide people with a better life by converging human communication means such as voice, gesture, and text with intelligent information technologies such as AI and ICT.

Multics’ ‘NURI-VIEW’ is an intelligent barrier-free civil complaint guide service that can bridge the information acquisition gap of the socially disadvantaged by providing civil complaints, traffic, and administrative information about public institutions to the elderly and the visually- and deaf who have difficulty in accessing, acquiring, and utilizing digital information in the personalized form for each user type, including voice and sign language.

In addition, ‘NURION’ is an intelligent civil complaint processing service that ensures that the socially disadvantaged and the general public can access the entire process of civil complaints handled by administrative agencies (city halls, GU offices, administrative welfare centers, etc.), from filling out the civil complaint forms, application, and processing to notification of results, in the communication methods the users want.

'NURIBOT,' an intelligent barrier-free smart chatbot, is also one of its primary services. This provides information guidance and counseling content through the video in Korean sign language so that deaf people with a low understanding of Korean sentences can also use the chatbot service provided through voice and text-based mobile and web-based services for civil petitioners or consumers by public and private organizations.

Other services the company provides include ‘NURI BOOK,’ which translates e-books in Korean into sign language and provides 3D sign language videos, KIOSK experience and education for socially disadvantaged people with low digital literacy, and a mobile app that translates disaster texts into Korean sign language and the corresponding foreign languages for deaf people and foreigners who are vulnerable to information in Korean in the event of a disaster.

“Starting with developing a Korean Sign Language translation solution in 2018, our company has aimed to develop technologies and services for the socially disadvantaged, including visually- and deaf people. Accordingly, we have been gradually adding technologies and services, such as developing a barrier-free civil complaint guide service in 2020 and a civil complaint handling service in 2021. We are promoting establishing a barrier-free service platform, including braille for visually impaired people and capacity-building content for older people. Based on our barrier-free service platform, we are continuously developing technologies and content to build a digital inclusion environment applicable to both public and private sectors and build a service foundation that can be used domestically and globally in the future,” said an official from Multics.

Multics also pointed out that the adoption of kiosks in the public and private sectors was expanding due to the proliferation of automated and non-face-to-face services after the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, only a few kiosks were equipped with barrier-free content that considered the socially disadvantaged. As such, Multics said that as its positioning, it has chosen to develop serviceable products with kiosks, in which intelligent barrier-free service contents for the socially disadvantaged were applied, as a platform, and expanding its scope in the domestic and international interactive kiosk market through commercialization.

“To ensure the accessibility of kiosks for the socially disadvantaged, the government is also implementing various policies, such as enacting the Framework Act On Intelligent Informatization and notifying regulations to facilitate the use of kiosks by the disabled and elderly. Our company is also developing a barrier-free kiosk that enables the socially disadvantaged and non-disabled people who have difficulty in accessing, acquiring, and utilizing digital information to use digital information equally by utilizing advanced technologies such as AI-based motion and voice recognition technologies,” said the official.

Currently, Multics is providing its NURI VIEW product nationwide, starting with the public, private, and art sectors, including City Hall Station of Daejeon Metro, Seongdong-gu Office and NTS Yeoksam District Office in Seoul, and Gyodong Museum of Art. In particular, 'NURI VIEW' was selected as an innovative product designated by the Public Procurement Service in 2021, paving the way for its spread to public institutions nationwide.

‘NURION,’ a civil complaint processing service developed by applying upgraded technology from the civil complaint guide function of 'NURI VIEW,’ was installed and is being operated in Daejeon (Administrative Welfare Center, Senior Welfare Center, and libraries), Gimhae (Administrative Welfare Center), and Geoje (Administrative Welfare Center). In addition, by directly linking with government administrative systems such as Open Mydata and SAEOL Public Management Information System, the company operates a service that enables non-disabled and disabled users to quickly fill out the form by providing ease of use, such as a significantly reduced number of items to be filled out through automatic input.

“Until now, technology and services in the disabled field have been led by the public sector, and the private sector has followed the market situation. Escaping from such a trend, we plan to create outcomes in the barrier-free field by developing and advancing specialized services and content based on accumulated technology and know-how not only for public institutions but also for private sectors that are essential to the lives of the socially disadvantaged, such as hospitals, banks, and commercial facilities,” Multics said.

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (Director Heo Seong-wook, hereafter 'NIPA') is promoting the "2023 Activation of Digital Services in Public Convenience Sectors” to encourage the spread of contact-free services in areas close to people's lives, such as business, household consumption, education/evaluation, and wellness/health in response to the endemic era. Starting in 2021, this project has selected and supported vital investment areas requiring an urgent digital transition due to the accelerated shift to a digital-focused economy and society post-COVID-19 era. Multics has been nominated in the category of consumption in living.

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