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FNS Holdings envisions the future of fashion and shopping through its digital fashion metaverse, Fassker.

Promotional image for Fassker | Image Courtesy - FNS Holdings

Promotional image for Fassker | Image Courtesy - FNS Holdings

Fitting zone menu in Fassker | Image Courtesy - FNS Holdings

Fitting zone menu in Fassker | Image Courtesy - FNS Holdings

SEONGNAM, GYEONGGI, REPUBLIC OF KOREA (SOUTH), December 4, 2023 / -- FNS Holdings (CEO Mark Choi), which was selected in the category of consumption in living for the ‘2023 Non-face-to-face leading service activation project in the life-friendly field’ by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), is a five-year-old startup founded with the vision of ‘creating a better future environment’ by reducing unnecessary production of physical clothing through digital fashion and subsequently reducing carbon emissions. The digital fashion platform that FNS Holdings is creating aims to provide a unique experience for many young and talented fashion designers to showcase their various designs in the digital space without the burden of inventory and production and for customers to quickly wear multiple styles in the digital space that they have wanted to wear in real life but have not been able to wear.

As the central business area of FNS Holdings, the production of 3D immersive content related to style technology is picked first. The company works with domestic and international fashion brands to create 3D content, including 3D fashion items, VR showrooms, AR lookbooks, and 3D actual stores. It makes promoting on the web and in apps easy and provides user analytics data to strengthen customer relationships.

In addition, ‘Fassker World,’ a metaverse platform, allows users to experience digital fashion (trading and investing in digital fashion content) using avatars in a virtual environment, communicate with each other, and manufacture and sell fashion items through brand entry.
FNS Holdings has pioneered new business areas with its generative AI-based Lookbook solution. An AI lookbook is a service that combines AI models, clothes, poses, and backgrounds into a single image and then provides content. “Through this, we expect that our ‘AI lookbook service’ will derive results within one hour to a maximum of one day, compared to one to three weeks that were required for the traditional process of producing costume shots, and the cost will be only 10% of what it was before,” the company said.

Recently, as the metaverse has penetrated not only the gaming industry but also consumers’ daily lives, various attempts are being made to utilize the metaverse as a new growth engine to preempt the future market in the fashion industry and as the convergence of fashion, metaverse, NFTs, etc. accelerates, “meta fashion” is emerging as a global trend.

As such, “We are participating in this project to build a next-generation business model in the fashion industry and to secure a new growth engine by demonstrating it in the real market. In particular, we aim to create a next-generation shopping environment by building a fashion metaverse platform specialized in the fashion industry,” said an official from FNS Holdings. “Our goal is to manufacture K-fashion brand products that the MZ generation covets as 3D digital fashion and apply it to our mall to expand the consumer experience,” the official added.

FNS Holdings is conducting a market verification for its high technology through cooperation with global companies. In addition, through IP agreements with leading Korean and international brands, the company creates 3D digital fashion items from real clothes and sells them on its own Metaverse Mall. The company has also participated in significant tech startup fairs worldwide, including MWC 2022, SLUSH 2022, and VIVA TECH 2023, to promote its technical power.

“Just as the consumer market naturally shifted from offline to online when the generation moved into the millennial generation, it is necessary to shift from a simple online e-commerce platform to a meta-commerce type platform that fits the new target (the MZ generation) according to the new paradigm shift, called metaverse. We want to find the fashion industry’s future through digital fashion,” said the official.

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (Director Heo Seong-wook, hereafter ‘NIPA’) is promoting the “2023 Activation of Digital Services in Public Convenience Sectors” to encourage the spread of contact-free services in areas close to people’s lives, such as business, household consumption, education/evaluation, and wellness/health in response to the endemic era. Starting in 2021, this project has selected and supported vital investment areas requiring an urgent digital transition due to the accelerated shift to a digital-focused economy and society in the post-COVID-19 era. FNS Holdings has been selected in the category of consumption in living.

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