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Crave InfoTech announces the SAP Migration Factory Program to Migrate to the SAP Integration Suite with a free SAP Migration Factory assessment.

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2023 / -- Crave InfoTech, a reputed SAP partner, has today announced the launch of SAP Migration Factory Partnership, a new program for SAP customers. Under the Migration Factory program for the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), the company will deliver assessments and plans to help businesses migrate from SAP Process Integration or SAP Process Orchestration(PI/PO) to the cloud-native SAP Integration Suite. This partnership program aims to help speed the move to a single, consolidated, cloud-based integration platform (iPaaS) service that helps businesses accelerate innovation and connect with customers and partners on demand.

Further, Crave InfoTech has launched its Delivery Center in India, which will help it provide better assistance to SAP customers who are migrating from on-prem to Cloud BTP. This new center will strengthen Crave InfoTech's commitment to expanding its global presence and providing better services to its customers.

Crave InfoTech has been certified by SAP for the Integration Migration Factory program. This certification recognizes Crave InfoTech's proficiency and expertise in SAP migrations, and further establishes it as an expert in this field.

In close collaboration with SAP, Crave InfoTech brings decades of SAP experience to give customers the confidence they need to quickly, securely, and cost-effectively migrate their mission-critical SAP and integrated applications to the SAP Integration Suite. Crave InfoTech specializes in Migration from ITK, PI/PO, Boomi, Neo, Web Method, MQ series, and Thomson Reuters migrations. They offer organizations an expert range of solutions and services to help accelerate digital transformation and maximize return on their SAP investments by migrating all their native middleware integration platforms under a unified SAP Integration suite to save up to 50% of the total cost of ownership. This move becomes more deceptive in light of SAP's upcoming ITK and Dell Boomi end-of-life announcements.

Crave InfoTech combines the power of SAP and its services with its enhanced automation capabilities to enable organizations to rapidly move their middleware platforms to the SAP Integration Suite and easily manage them. As a premium SAP Partner, the company combines robust experience in SAP migration with its in-depth expertise in implementing and managing SAP systems to deliver outstanding client outcomes with minimal disruption.

The Crave InfoTech SAP Integration Migration Factory program will offer a comprehensive suite of services for businesses planning to transition from SAP Process Integration or SAP Process Orchestration to the cloud-native SAP Integration Suite. This program will provide a well-supported strategic approach to simplify and streamline the migration process, equipped with the tools, expertise, and resources necessary to transition to a modern, cloud-based SAP Integration platform. With this approach, the company aims to accelerate migration and reduce business impact, complexity, and risk, ensuring businesses can modernize their integration platforms effectively.

The Crave InfoTech SAP Integration Migration Factory program includes:

Quick High-Level Migration Assessment:
Crave InfoTech will conduct an initial assessment to evaluate the existing environment, plan the migration roadmap, and estimate the required effort. This phase ensures clients have easy access to SAP experts who will be assisting in planning and preparing for the transition, making the process smooth and informed. The company has its own methodology and will use advanced tools for automating migration and testing to reduce manual effort and increase accuracy. Clients will benefit from a suite of resources offering a wealth of information for a seamless transition.

Expert Planning and Preparation Support:
Crave InfoTech will provide expert guidance for businesses moving from the ITK, Boomi, PI/PO, or Neo environment to the SAP Integration Suite on SAP BTP for the Cloud Foundry environment. The support will extend to helping businesses understand and prepare for the various aspects of migration, including technical, strategic, and operational considerations. The focus will be on creating a clear and efficient migration roadmap, enabling businesses to transition smoothly to the SAP Integration Suite.

Migration Execution:
Once the plan is approved, the focus will shift to the actual migration process. Crave InfoTech will employ expert resources, migration guides, documentation, and community content to facilitate a seamless transition. This stage involves implementing the migration plan and utilizing tools for automating migration and testing. The objective is to ensure the migration is executed efficiently, accurately, and aligned with the client's business needs.

Post Migration Care:
After the migration is successfully executed, Crave InfoTech will provide continued support to ensure the new system operates optimally. This includes monitoring the system for stability, addressing any issues that may arise, and providing guidance on leveraging the full potential of the BTP and SAP Integration Suite. The post-migration care is essential to the program, ensuring clients transition to the new system and thrive in their new environment.

Speaking on the launch of the Migration Factory, Shrikant Nistante, Digital Transformation Architect and CEO of Crave InfoTech, said, "Every organization needs a strong partner to transform SAP landscapes and accelerate their digital transformation journey. As a globally acclaimed SAP service provider with robust BTP platform capabilities, Crave InfoTech has established a proven track record in driving impactful business outcomes. The SAP Migration Factory program is our latest initiative to further this mission. It's about working hand-in-hand with our clients, helping them boost productivity and turn their transformation visions into reality."

Discussing our latest partnership, Ravi Ravikumar, Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer at Crave InfoTech, commented, "This marks a new chapter for Crave InfoTech. It's a significant milestone that propels us towards being the premier BTP partner, and it's just the beginning. This partnership is about more than just collaboration; it's a game-changer. We're now better equipped to help businesses achieve digital transformation goals with faster BTP adoption and integrating next-gen technologies like Generative AI and sustainable practices. We're not just keeping up with the times but setting the pace, ensuring our clients are always ahead in this fast-evolving digital world.

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