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Kelsie Kimberlin Releases "Turn Back," The Third Video Of Her Ukrainian Trilogy About Returning Home To Rebuild Ukraine

Kelsie Kimberlin Surrounded By The Light Of Victory

Kelsie Kimberlin Standing Firm

Kelsie Kimberlin Visiting Kyiv

Kelsie Kimberlin Walking In Kyiv

Ukraine's Blue and Yellow Flag

Ukraine Flag of Freedom

Kelsie Kimberlin's Heartwrenching Video Focuses On A Peaceful Ukrainian Future

Turn Back is a plea for those millions of refugees who left Ukraine after the war began to come back home to help Ukraine rebuild.”
— Kelsie Kimberlin
WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 / -- Kelsie Kimberlin's "Turn Back" video is the third of the trilogy of videos she filmed in Ukraine in August, 2023. The first two, "Armageddon" and "Another Chance To Live Again," released in September and October, went viral with millions of views, plays, streams, global radio plays, and rave reviews. "Turn Back" has multiple meanings depending on a person's perspective. For many people, it is a plea to a loved one who is looking for something somewhere else when it is right there at home. But for Kelsie, the song and video are about Ukraine. "First, it is a plea for those millions of refugees who left Ukraine after the war began to come back home to help Ukraine rebuild," said Kelsie. "Ukraine needs those Ukrainians to bring their hearts and skills back to benefit the country.

Second, it expresses the longing of all those Ukrainians who have a friend or family member fighting near or far to come back home alive." In the video, there are photos of thousands of soldiers who died defending Ukraine. Those photos are posted on "The Wall of Remembrance" next to St. Michael's Cathedral in Kyiv, the bells of which were heard all over Kyiv in November 2013 at the beginning of the “Revolution of Dignity.” Ten years ago, only 100 photos of the “Heavenly Hundred” killed by terrorists at Independence Square in Kyiv covered that wall. Now there are more than ten thousand photos with more added every day. The destroyed enemy tanks and heavy military equipment shown in the video were set up in the square next to the cathedral to remind people of the terror unleashed against innocent Ukrainians. Kelsie's three videos form a trilogy of modern Ukrainian history, showing the dignity, strength, and desire that ordinary Ukrainians stand for despite horrific difficulties.

Those citizens went through "Armageddon" to get "Another Chance to Live Again" and finally they will "Turn Back" to a normal life where there is love, happiness, and independence. Through these songs and videos, Kelsie is acting as a chronicler, calling on people from across the globe not only to see and feel the severity of the war but also to help the Ukrainians get back what rightfully belongs to them. Kelsie's harmonies in the song are in a polyphonic form where separate vocals alternately hand off or differentiate the melody leading to a mesmerizing, haunting, and hypnotizing effect.

After Kelsie returned from Ukraine, she launched a foundation to help those injured by the war, and to raise funds for reconstruction.

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