Ethan Sak Redefines Visual Storytelling with "Monster X Everything" Music Videos

Ethan Sak - "Monster x Everything" Music Video Still - DP: Aaron Gallegos, Director: Cat Johnson

Ethan Sak - "Monster x Everything" Music Video Still - DP: Aaron Gallegos, Director: Cat Johnson

Ethan Sak - "Monster x Everything" Music Video Still - DP: Aaron Gallegos, Director: Cat Johnson

The cinematic audio-visual masterpiece is now available exclusively on Ethan Sak's YouTube channel for public viewing.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 16, 2023 / -- In October 2023, Ethan Sak, a senior at USC's Thornton School of Music and a brilliant emerging artist/ producer in the music industry, released the audio version of his latest master project, "Monster X Everything." These two hauntingly beautiful and mind-bending songs tell a harrowing story from opposite perspectives, shedding light on the darker side of the music industry and the all too familiar themes of greed and sacrifice that come along with it. Today, after a silent video premiere in-person screening, the "Monster" and "Everything" music videos are now available for public viewing exclusively on Ethan's YouTube channel.

Part one of this dual-part release, "Monster," played a pivotal role in Ethan Sak's successful application to the University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music in 2020. Over the last four years, this song has undergone a transformative process, evolving through more than 500 hours of dedicated work into the captivating audio-visual masterpiece you are experiencing today.

In this compelling narrative, we witness the transformation of a young artist who signs a promising deal only to become corrupted over time by the all-too-familiar sins of the music industry. The music videos are a visual feast, bringing this captivating story to life with a touch of dark elegance.

The music videos for "Monster" and "Everything" were meticulously crafted by Ethan Sak in a collaborative effort with Party of 7 Production Company. Spearheading the production were producers Cat Johnson and Lau Rodriguez, who played pivotal roles in bringing Ethan's artistic vision to fruition. The music videos were co-directed by Cat Johnson and Ethan Sak himself, with support from the director of photography, Aaron Gallegos, who captured the videos' aesthetic with precision. Lau Rodriguez served as the Production Designer, contributing to the overall visual appeal, and the intricate details of hair, makeup, and wardrobe were skillfully handled by Julia Narvaez. Together, this dedicated team combined their expertise to deliver compelling and visually striking music videos for "Monster" and "Everything."

"Monster" and "Everything" are more than just songs with supporting visuals; they are an all-encompassing display of Ethan Sak's artistry and a reflection of his musical brilliance, originality, and multifaceted skill set as a songwriter, producer, performer, and creative visionary.

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More about Ethan Sak

Ethan Sak is an American Singer/Songwriter originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and currently based in Los Angeles, California, while pursuing higher education in the Popular Music Program at USC's Thornton School of Music. Since the release of his first EP "Yellow," he has received attention from some of the most credible sources in pop music, landed in the Top 40 on an official Billboard chart, embarked on a US national tour, and has independently broken 5M streams on Spotify. Ethan is putting a gritty, macabre spin on modern pop music. Following his EP "Yellow" and debut concept album "Blue," Ethan Sak introduced us to "Monster x Everything" in the fall of 2023, further establishing his unique creative identity and footprints in modern pop music.

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