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From Celebrities to Olympians - Shining a Light on Silent Killers, A National Blood Clot Alliance Global Podcast Series.

From Celebrities and Olympians to Everyday Heroes - The National Blood Clot Alliance and the Silent Killers in "Taking a Breath, A Stop The Clot Podcast" Series

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 16, 2023 / -- The National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA), a trailblazing nonprofit organization dedicated to blood clot awareness and patient support, is proud to announce a groundbreaking initiative in the fight against a silent and deadly killer. Their mission-driven global podcast series, "Taking a Breath, A Stop The Clot Podcast”, is set to reshape the way the world perceives blood clots and their devastating consequences.

Hosted by Leslie Lake, NBCA's dynamic president, and Todd Robertson, a passionate patient liaison, "Taking a Breath, A Stop The Clot Podcast” promises to shine a much-needed spotlight on the real-life stories of blood clot survivors. In a world inundated with health podcasts, this series is set apart by the exceptional input of medical professionals and the courageous accounts of remarkable individuals including Olympians, celebrities and public figures who have triumphed over the insidious nature of blood clots. Each episode combines riveting narratives with essential information on prevention and symptom awareness.

Statistics reveal the gravity of the issue: every six minutes, someone in the United States loses their life to a blood clot. Shockingly, veinous blood clots strike an estimated 900,000 Americans yearly, more than AIDS, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and motor vehicle crashes combined. These silent killers often strike without warning, making awareness and prevention a matter of life and death.

Jennifer Smith, Founder & CEO of Everything Podcasts, and Executive Producer of this ground-breaking series, is also a blood clot survivor. "The reality is the steep death toll is preventable. This doesn't have to happen. Arming yourself with knowledge is key. We proudly embrace NBCA ‘s partnership in this mission based 12-part podcast series and we know this level of passionate storytelling and awareness will save lives”.

The "Taking a Breath, A Stop The Clot Podcast” series trailer launched on October 13, 2023, a date that holds special significance as it coincides with World Thrombosis Day.

Leslie Lake passionately emphasizes the goal of this series, stating, "With this podcast, and our partnership with Everything Podcasts, we're using storytelling to make life-saving blood clot information accessible and engaging on a global scale. Public awareness of blood clots is lacking, which I personally experienced during my own blood clot journey. NBCA is dedicated to changing this, and “Taking a Breath, A Stop The Clot Podcast”, is a pivotal step toward achieving that mission on a global scale."

This podcast series doesn't merely inform; it promises to inspire action and dialogue. By sharing the lived experiences of those within the clotting disorders community, "Taking a Breath, A Stop The Clot Podcast” intends to save lives and ignite a broader conversation. Join us in confronting these silent killers head-on.

The National Blood Clot Alliance is the nation’s leading nonprofit voluntary health organization dedicated to advancing the prevention, early diagnosis and successful treatment of life-threatening blood clots such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Each year NBCA serves more than 3 million people with blood clot related information, resources, and support. For more information about NBCA please contact or visit

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