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Travel Gig Announces Strategic Spanish Initiative

Travel Gig Announces Strategic Spanish Initiative

Travel Gig Announces Strategic Spanish Initiative

The innovative mobile application now offers robust tools and support specifically designed for Spanish speaking markets.

Theses markets demand (and deserve) the same respect given to English speaking markets, so we’ve meticulously integrated content and tools explicitly designed to serve them.”
— Mike Darling, CTO
MISSOULA, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2023 / -- Travel Gig, LLC announced its revolutionary mobile app now offers full support for Spanish language. The move further assists affiliates in Puerto Rico and comes on the heels of the recent expansion of the HappiTravel® wholesale travel platform into Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Spain.

More than simply translated text, the Travel Gig® app now delivers customized functionality, content, graphics, videos, training, and more – explicitly designed for Spanish speaking markets. The proprietary language engine is a technological innovation rooted in 27 years of intellectual property developed by 212 Technologies, LLC and allows dynamic over-the-air updates and real time translation without the need for app updates by users through the App Store or Play Store. Critically, it allows both English and Spanish speaking affiliates to engage together seamlessly as part of the company’s “One Team, One Dream” approach and innovative Rewards Plan that has the industry buzzing.

The Travel Gig® mobile app lets affiliates easily easily share HappiTravel® with others, and offers lucrative compensation for doing so. It directly integrates with the mobile device contact list, social media accounts, phone camera, voice calling, SMS text, and provides informative step-by-step “edutainment” training videos along the way. It offers a simple and easy way for affiliates to approach friends who like to travel, like saving money, want to travel but can't afford to, or are looking for extra income.

Spanish language support now also exists for the embedded HappiCode™ technology through which affiliates can dynamically control their very own QR Code in real time for promoting their business as well as the Viral Photo Editor that provides the ability to instantly transform photos taken while enjoying wholesale vacations and adding HappiTravel® and/or Travel Gig® branding which serve as powerful social proof when posting images online.

“For decades traditional online marketing technologies have snubbed Spanish speaking markets,” commented CTO, Mike Darling. “Most companies consider language support to be a ‘one and done’ activity of simply translating some text. We see it differently. Theses markets demand (and deserve) the same respect given to English speaking markets, so we’ve meticulously integrated content and tools explicitly designed to serve them. We couldn’t be prouder of the Spanish speaking team and talent that has already begun flooding into Travel Gig® as our #OneTeamOneDream crusade continues!”

Unlike the widespread “pay-to-play” travel and MLM programs that come and go each year in the market, joining Travel Gig® is free and does not require affiliates to purchase anything. Affiliates can upgrade and increase their income potential by earning shares in Customer Pools, all with no monthly fees. Its revolutionary Powerline model empowers affiliates to benefit together and share in the revenue from customer upgrades company wide.

“Here we grow again!” exclaimed President, Camaron Corr. “We love our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters and are excited to see you in person very soon. We’ve put the Happi back in travel! Each new affiliate becomes part of our truly special company culture at Travel Gig®. Nothing else comes close! ¡Entre, que el agua está tibia!”

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