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At-Home Testing looks to Solve the Health Screening Deficiency

David White CEO IHDLab

David White CEO of IHDLab

IHDLab Laboratory

IHDLab Laboratory

At Home Testing White Label

White Label At Home Testing

Half of American's are not testing for preventative health. Bringing diagnostic testing to the doorstep can help close that gap and save cost in the longrun.

LabFlow is designed to make it easy for Digital Health companies to add at-home testing to their existing workflows, creating a best-in-class patient and provider experience”
— Ben Lejfer
IRVINE, CA, USA, September 29, 2023 / -- In a digitally evolving world, the healthcare market is continually leveling up, especially in the area of diagnostics, a field informing nearly 70% of medical decisions. 14 billion lab tests are ordered each year in the United States, and in a post-pandemic world the opportunity to transform the access and utility of lab testing is here.

IHDLab is leveraging its Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS) platform to facilitate at-home testing, a move that promises to benefit patients and healthcare providers. The company is excited to introduce LabFlow, a new API platform developed to seamlessly integrate with existing digital infrastructures, enhancing the efficiency and scalability to bring at-home testing to digital health companies.

Bridging Gaps and Enhancing Accessibility

Healthcare consumerism with regards to lab testing is at an inflection point. Remote lab tests can screen for common illnesses, manage chronic care, provide easier medication maintenance and more. This can especially benefit the vulnerable and elderly who can receive end-to-end care without the risk of catching Covid-19 or other illnesses with in-person visits.

Patients in remote areas, who might not otherwise have access to specialty care in metropolitan centers, can use remote diagnostics to submit samples to telehealth specialists. This can decrease the burden of in-person visits for all chronic care patients. Rather than visit a lab every few months, these patients submit ongoing samples from home.

The burgeoning Direct Access Testing (DAT) market has further increased accessibility as patients can now order lab tests without a physician's referral. With this comes clinical risk, therefore clinical workflows and robust follow-up is a focal point for new and emerging digital health companies trying to get this right. IHDLab is addressing these challenges by fostering its DaaS integrations and user-friendly interfaces without compromising on clinical quality standards.

At the heart of IHDLab's mission is the goal to make healthcare more accessible. IHDLab CEO, David White, emphasizes the potential of DaaS in this regard, stating, "Our mission is to empower every person with access to accurate and actionable clinical testing when and where it matters most. DaaS delivers diagnostics to the doorstep, serving as a pivotal tool in reaching underserved communities. It provides convenience and accessibility to individuals who may not have the time or resources to prioritize their health and testing needs. It's about bridging the existing gaps in healthcare and fostering a culture of proactive health and wellness."

At Home testing in beneficial to eliminate the long waits and delays associated with lab tests, offering a faster and transparent service for not only traditional medical institutions and public health, but also for pet care, life insurance, employers, clinical trials and more.

Expanding Infrastructure to Support Wellness

With an wide range of over 85+ certified at-home tests that span various sectors, including sexual health, weight management, fertility testing, and preventive health screenings. This is especially vital in rural areas where healthcare resources are scarce, helping patients overcome transportation barriers which are even further exacerbated for those with lower incomes or the under/uninsured. For example, IHDLab assists patients who take ongoing medication, such as PrEP, enabling them to complete routine lab work at home with greater convenience. Remote care is of particular importance for the queer community where fear of discrimination is common in at least one-quarter of the LGBTQIA+ community who actively seek to avoid in-person healthcare.

At the forefront of IHDLab’s DaaS platform is easy integration, allowing digital health companies to build and scale at-home testing capabilities to their customers with confidence. Their process handles the majority of the work, creating custom white-labeled home test packages that meet the specific needs of individual companies. It’s end-to-end service includes everything from kit shipping to secure results delivery via a custom API that integrates smoothly with branded results portals, all in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Introducing LabFlow: A Revolution in Digital Health Diagnostics

LabFlow, the newly launched API platform by IHDLab, enables Digital Health Brands, retailers, and traditional healthcare providers a direct connection to IHDLab’s infrastructure. LabFlow is adaptable, catering to the unique needs of both early-stage startups and large-scale deployments, offering access to a range of collection self collection methods from dry blood spot, microtainer, saliva and urine, with customizable test panels fitting particular health demographics.

Ben Lejfer, Director of Digital Health, highlights the benefits of its DaaS offering, noting, "LabFlow is designed to make it easy for Digital Health companies to add at-home testing to their existing workflows, creating a best-in-class patient and provider experience. As an all-in-one testing solution, we enable Digital Health companies to focus on what they do best while we handle the complexities of lab testing and integration."

With over 13 years of lab experience, IHDLab stands as a trusted partner in the digital health sector, embodying a commitment to clinical quality and innovation. The LabFlow platform prioritizes the needs of digital health companies, fostering partnerships that retain control while offering the necessary support, expertise, and infrastructure to facilitate seamless diagnostic solutions.

A United Vision for a More Inclusive Healthcare Future

IHDLab invites digital health firms to join them at the upcoming HLTH convention in Las Vegas at booth #6715 to discover how collaboration can transform the personal healthcare journey from one of apprehension to inclusivity.

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