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TOWARDEX and FullCtl Improve Interconnection in New England by Deploying ixCtl at MASS IX

The partnership represents a powerful catalyst in advancing the digital infrastructure that connects the world.

The future of network interconnection is in automation and intelligence.”
— James Jun
BOSTON, MA, USA, September 26, 2023 / -- TOWARDEX, a premier provider of middle mile internet infrastructure and network interconnection services in metro Boston, announces its
transformative partnership with FullCtl, a visionary company founded in 2022 with a mission to
democratize secure interconnections through information sharing and advanced automation.
Together, the parties are reshaping the landscape of internet infrastructure interconnection with
a primary focus on the Massachusetts Internet Exchange (MASS IX), the New England's largest
and most rapidly expanding public peering point.

The collaboration between TOWARDEX and FullCtl signifies a significant leap forward in
interconnection services throughout New England. This strategic alliance leverages FullCtl's
cutting-edge automation platform, ixCtl, to enhance the operations of MASS IX, making internet
exchange operations more efficient and accessible. FullCtl’s ixCtl integrates with MASS IX to
manage route servers and provide seamless data integrations with PeeringDB, IX-F and
empowers self-service opportunities for network users of MASS IX. Additionally, through ixCtl,
MASS IX now provides secure route servers using the Resource Public Key Infrastructure
(RPKI) and data from Internet Routing Registry (IRR).

“The future of network interconnection is in automation and intelligence. Interconnection
automation is a new niche in IT automation which involves lot of dynamic and complex peering
arrangements between different internet networks,” commented James Jun, founder of
TOWARDEX. “By integrating MASS IX closely with FullCtl’s platform, we’re able to enhance
information sharing, internet routing security and network reliability by automating many
technical complexities which are inherent in network interconnections.”

TOWARDEX was born out of the frustration of two college dropouts who were dissatisfied with
the inefficiencies plaguing networking and internet infrastructure in New England. Their journey
began in 2012, fueled by a passion for improving services rather than merely pursuing revenue
growth. Their singular goal has always been to create an exceptional network infrastructure
known for its technical sophistication and unwavering reliability. Today, TOWARDEX stands as
a connectivity powerhouse, providing seamless interconnection and wholesale internet
connectivity services to a diverse clientele, including telecommunications giants, hyperscale
companies, enterprises, data centers, government entities, and universities.

TOWARDEX owns and operates MASS IX, the foremost internet exchange peering point in the
region, and the Hub Express System, Boston's first truly open-access underground utility for
data centers and internet networks that harnesses the power of infrastructure to revolutionize
the region’s connectivity ecosystem, and delivers unmatched scale for mass network

“The TOWARDEX Hub Express System marks a phenomenal step forward for open-access
infrastructure and physical interconnectivity in New England and beyond. They’re setting an
example that we hope to see spread to many other cities,” commented Chris Grundemann,
CEO of FullCtl. “We’re really excited to be a small part of enhancing that system by supporting
fast, simple, reliable, and secure IP interconnection at MASS IX.”

FullCtl, founded in 2022, is driven by a team of seasoned interconnection and automation
experts who are passionate about giving back to the industry through innovative tools. Their
mission is to empower secure interconnection for everyone, everywhere, in an era where the
internet serves as a global communications medium, bringing people closer together and
expanding access to the world's knowledge like never before.

As the internet continues to play an increasingly pivotal role in global communication,
TOWARDEX and FullCtl share a common vision for making it even more secure, reliable, and
resilient. Their partnership represents a powerful catalyst in advancing the digital infrastructure
that connects the world.

Based in Massachusetts, TOWARDEX is a facilities-based network provider specializing in data
center interconnections and high-bandwidth fiber optic communications for the cloud and
network-enabled enterprises. Powered by its sophisticated statewide optical network that
reaches every major interconnection facility in the region, TOWARDEX powers the
Massachusetts Internet Exchange (MASS IX) to foster the internet peering community and
lower the cost of interconnections throughout the Bay State. For more information, please visit

About FullCtl
FullCtl, founded in 2022, is on a mission to democratize secure interconnection through
information sharing and advanced automation. Their team of interconnection and automation
experts is dedicated to making the internet more secure, reliable, and resilient. FullCtl believes
in the power of the internet to bring people closer together and make knowledge more
accessible than ever before.

Chris Grundemann
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