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SalesScreen Picks Up New Badges and More in the Latest G2 Release

SalesScreen leads across continents and segments in sales gamification according to G2 reviews

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 14, 2023/ -- The fall 2023 G2 release is out and SalesScreen has done much more than just retain their spot atop the sales gamification category. G2 released new badges and updated categories, and SalesScreen raked in quite a few. Let’s dive into the biggest updates and shifts in the sales gamification space for SalesScreen.

Worldwide Wins
This quarter, G2 released its localized badges, highlighting industry leaders across different regions. SalesScreen has always been a multinational company, with roots deep in Norway, and this quarter they took home sales gamification leader status in the Americas and both Europe and wider EMEA, where they were ranked #1. These badges are a testament to their versatility, as SalesScreen now ranks highly for companies of all sizes and across continents.

Consistency Across the Board
In previous quarters, SalesScreen has become known for its white-glove service and commitment to its customers, and this quarter it remained true to that mission. For another quarter, SalesScreen was named #1 in the relationship index and remained in the top 3 in the implementation index. This fusion of easy implementation and elite customer service has made SalesScreen one of the most trusted and reliable sources of gamification for the last decade. They also retained their leadership position for sales gamification and sales performance management for a 10th straight quarter.

Best Results
Sales is all about results, and when you are looking for software to motivate your sales team, those results are crucial. This quarter, SalesScreen took the Best Results badge for the mid-market segment and ranked highly for companies of all sizes. From increased KPIs to ease of use for managers, SalesScreen has strong results across the board. Not only that, but their boosts reach across the entire team, with middle and bottom performers showing massive improvements and top performers pushed even further.

Best Estimated ROI
Few metrics in software are as telling as ROI, and this quarter SalesScreen was named Best Estimated ROI for mid-market companies. Their platform focuses on building comprehensive motivational tools for every personality type, which engages every sales rep from the top performers to the most recent hires. SalesScreen’s competitions and gamification tools boost KPIs by 17% for top performers, 61% for middle performers, and a massive 107% for low performers. All these increases help to level the playing field, keep every team member engaged throughout the sales cycle, and close more deals. Of course, the more deals you close, the more money your sales team makes, and the better ROI you can expect.

With their continued excellence in customer service and implementation as well as their latest badges for ROI and results, SalesScreen is poised to hit new heights in the next quarters. For more detailed customer responses, read their G2 reviews here.

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