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Farmforce and Cocoasource Extend Partnership for Rubber Supply Chain Traceability Management

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Building on their successful collaboration in enhancing cocoa traceability, Farmforce and Cocoasource are proud to announce an expanded partnership for rubber.

Cocoasource's dedication to sustainable sourcing extends beyond cocoa: we are excited to work with Farmforce to achieve our goals in the rubber supply chain.”
— Renzo Verne, Sustainability Director at Cocoasource
OSLO, NORWAY, September 12, 2023/ -- Building on their successful collaboration in enhancing traceability for cocoa, Farmforce and Cocoasource are proud to announce an expanded partnership started in 2022. This strategic alliance will see Cocoasource utilizing Farmforce's cutting-edge technology to commence digitizing its rubber supply chain in Ivory Coast whilst also working towards achieving European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) compliance.

Having already made significant strides in building first-mile level traceability in the cocoa supply chain, Farmforce, and Cocoasource are now poised to bring the same level of innovation and transparency to the rubber industry.

Farmforce's expertise in digital supply chain solutions will be instrumental in providing field-level traceability for rubber production, a fundamental requirement of the upcoming EUDR legislation. This technology will enable Cocoasource and its stakeholders to visualize their shared supply chain – from the farmer and their farm to local processing plants, and ultimately to the end customer. This increased level of transparency will ensure accountability and allow for a shared value approach to working in the rubber supply chain.

The decision to digitize the rubber supply chain aligns with Cocoasource's commitment to responsible and ethical sourcing practices. By leveraging Farmforce's Integrated Deforestation Monitoring feature, Cocoasource aims to achieve EUDR compliance, which is crucial for meeting European Union regulations aimed at combatting deforestation and promoting sustainable supply chains.

Furthermore, the partnership will enable Cocoasource to closely monitor and report on the sustainability initiatives – related to farmer resilience, income diversification, and social excellence – that it co-creates with its supplier base and committed tire manufacturers. This monitoring will be possible through Farmforce’s extended surveys feature.

Norbert Binot, Global Sales Director at Farmforce commented on the expanded partnership: "We are thrilled to continue our journey with Cocoasource and extend our digital solutions to the rubber industry. Our shared commitment to transparency, sustainability, and responsible sourcing will drive positive change in yet another critical commodity sector."

Renzo Verne, Sustainability Director at Cocoasource, added: "Cocoasource's dedication to sustainable sourcing extends beyond cocoa, and we are excited to work with Farmforce to achieve our goals in the rubber supply chain – namely, creating more transparent supply chains that are also EUDR compliant. This partnership reaffirms our commitment to partner with pragmatic and innovative partners such as Farmforce to transform the supply chains we work in."

The collaboration between Farmforce and Cocoasource reinforces the importance of technology-driven solutions in addressing supply chain challenges across various industries. It underscores their dedication to promoting ethical and sustainable practices, not only within their organizations but throughout their supply chains.

Cocoasource is a Swiss-based impact-focused company in the global cocoa, rubber, and cashew nut industries, working to transform supply chains through innovation, transparency, and leading sustainability initiatives implemented on the ground with partner suppliers. Visit to learn more about our work spanning 6 African countries: Ivory Coast, Uganda, Ghana, DRC, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

At Farmforce, food’s first mile is our passion. Our SaaS solutions provide organizations with the confidence to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmers’ quality of life, and protect the environment. We turn data into tools, which means more vetted acres, more measurable impact on communities, more financial opportunities for farmers, and more clarity for customers. We believe in building a better food supply where it starts. Farmforce customers span 28 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. With over nine years of experience now managing over one million farmers in 27 crop value chains in 15 languages on our platform. A continuous loop of innovation with our customers in the center of food’s first-mile journey. Visit

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