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ADHD Warrior

Activity Book

Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner


I read this book and could relate to the experience of having ADHD....I highly recommend this book for children and adults.”
— A reviewer with ADHD
UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/ -- The symptoms associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be challenging and confusing for children, however treatment and practice can help children manage unwanted behaviors associated with the disorders. ADHD Warrior: Helping Children Conquer ADHD Unwanted Behaviors, written by Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner, is a helpful book for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and children who display symptoms associated with these disorders yet have not been officially diagnosed. The book teaches children and parents how to cope and control unwanted behaviors associated with ADHD.

Roxie shares her experience of conquering ADHD to encourage and empower children to take control of ADHD unwanted behaviors. Roxie struggles with ADHD unwanted behaviors often. When Roxie learns to identify and become aware of unwanted behaviors associated with ADHD, she can control symptoms. Self-control, awareness, and coping skills are effective tools that help Roxie conquer ADHD unwanted behaviors by empowering her to become the warrior she is.

Not only are the tools Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner highlights immediately applicable to real life and easily digestible by children, the story she weaves in the book is meaningful, concise and engaging. Parents of children with ADHD will find it is no chore to sit down with their children and finish the book, as Roxie’s story acts as the perfect vessel for the lessons Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner is trying to teach.

“I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. I read this book and could relate to the experience of having ADHD,” says one reviewer. “I found this book helpful because of the coping skills that I can use to help me with my ADHD symptoms. I like the reference to a lifestyle change to improve ADHD. I highly recommend this book for children and adults.” Readers are sure to find value in this book whether they’re experiencing symptoms themselves or simply wish to learn more about these issues.

In a world where people are raising awareness of mental health, disorders and other cognitive afflictions, ADHD Warrior will resonate with children and their parents everywhere.

ADHD Warrior: Helping Children Conquer ADHD Unwanted Behaviors is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book a Million, Walmart, and other stores where books are sold.


About the author:

Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner is a Doctor of Counseling Psychology and the owner of APT Counseling Services LLC. She is a psychotherapist, professor, published author, and scholar-practitioner. She published the books, Rex’s Journey: Helping Children Understand and Cope with Emotions and Childhood Sexual Abuse: Pathway to Mental Health Issues and Delinquent Behavior, and ADHD Warrior Activity Book.

Dr. Pass-Turner has worked in the mental health profession for over 20 years and has experience working with children and adults. She is an expert in working with behavioral and emotionally disturbed children, adults, families, and offenders within the criminal justice system. Dr. Pass-Turner holds credentials as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, Doctoral Addictions Counselor, Master Addictions Counselor, Board Certified Telemental Health Provider, National Certified Counselor, Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Clinically Certified Human Trafficking Victims Services Provider, Clinically Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, and Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor. She is a member of the American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association, Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia, National Board for Certified Counselors, National Association of Forensic Counselors, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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